Bliss or Truth?

Bliss or Truth?

  • Positive Feelings (Bliss)
  • Negative Existence (Truth)
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Please explain your decision to me… :-s

Why can I only pick 1 option?

What do you prefer the whole of your life to be defined by?

If it is neither, then pass on choosing.

If it is both, then pass on choosing.

If you feel compelled, then choose one.

I chose truth, as I need to know the truth at all times :wink: there is no other way to exist exponentially, or we would just be living in ignorance…

you should see the end of the new indiana jones movie… :wink:

I won’t be seeing it any time soon, so please explain it’s relevance to my post?

I want/need to know/ like knowing as much as possible + more besides…

haha once you watch it you will know. Explaining it would ruin the point.

I won’t watch it: hence my need to know now! so nothing will be ruined…

i can’t spoil the movie so ill pm ya…

I chose truth, although i dont know why. I think i chose it, because i had to choose it. And because, my guess is that it’s admirable. And I want to be admirable.




I choose both, one with out the other would not be quite balanced and it would get probably mundane as hell. Pure truth all the time? no thanks. Pure bliss? no thanks again. Give me problems and lies as spicings of life. A lie can help and be useful just as much as truth. Bliss would not be bliss if we did not know problems.

Nobody said “bliss” was a lie Kris… (I think) :wink:

Niether did I, :confused: I don’t think so, was my wording not clear?

Why did you compare truth against a lie then?

What the heck does that have to do with bliss? I may be slow this morning my husband made the coffee and when he makes coffee it is more like colored dishwater than a real drink, so the caffiene may not have a hold of my starter switch yet :smiley:

Bolded. :-s

OK fine, but, what the heck does that have to do with your question about me saying bliss was a lie? No where did I say bliss was a lie. And truth has an opposite which is false or lies whichever one you choose. Bliss has an opposite which is problems or unhappiness or what ever like that.

:confused: are you messin with my head? No more hubby coffee before posting again :unamused: :laughing:


So by your definition we have “bliss vs. unhappiness” and “truth vs. lies”.

That’s all I wanted to clarify–thanks. :sunglasses: