Blue Blonde Privilege

Natural blue eyes, blonde hair, pale white skin, thin, frail, beautiful.

Privilege, is, Beauty.

The rank of superior race goes as follows:

  1. pale white skin

  2. tan

  3. brown

  4. dark brown

  5. black

  6. pale blue eyes

  7. green

  8. brown

  9. dark brown

  10. black

  11. pale blonde hair

  12. red hair

  13. brown

  14. dark brown

  15. black

This is a global, universal standard. No matter which country you visit on earth, every human follows this racial hierarchy and ladder of beautiful to ugly. We cannot change it, no matter what, no matter how much liberalism and egalitarianism you promote. Why not?

Because people want and demand privilege. Everybody wants a goal to aspire toward. This is why “blue blondies” have easy lives. They are born to golden and silver spoons. Privilege. Imagine if nobody was born privileged. Imagine if everybody had to work hard in life. That would suck. Nobody would want that. Instead, people want privilege, and are willing to fight and die for it. People take great risks for it.

Black men take the greatest risks, because they want blue blondie. This is what life is truly about.

You want to silence me? Fuck you, I will silence you. This is truth. This is 6 million jews. You cannot stop truth. No matter how much you try and suppress it. It just pressurizes, gets hot, and explodes in a fiery ball.

Everybody loves blue blondie. We have a stereotype of “dumb blondes”. Why? Blue blondies don’t need to be intelligent, strong, anything. All blue blondie needs in life, is nothing. Blue blondie is born with everything. Blue blondie is heaven. Blue blondie is an angel in Heaven, protected by God. Blue blondie hails from Val Halla, the great scandinavian north. She is daughter of the viking tribes.

You want blue blondie, everybody does. Because everybody wants, desires, craves, that privilege.

To be born a blue blondie basically guarantees you 100 generations of survival. All the lower races will protect blue blondie. You cannot hit or touch blue blondie. She is invincible. If you attack blue blondie, then one million white knights will retaliate, and defend her. Because she is worth protecting. She is worth dying for. She is worth fighting for.

Blue blondie, the one Hitler warned the world about. Blue blondie.



 Yeah,  look what the bleu angel did to the professor.



I think there might be some truth to this, but it’s not as black/white as you think, for example - sun tanning, tanning salons, black, dark brown and brunette hair dye. Many women prefer tall dark and handsome men. However, in Europe, in India, in China, generally speaking, I think the preference is for pale complexions, and in Europe, perhaps elsewhere even, green/blue eyes, red/blonde hair. Now ask yourself, why is that?

In terms of paleness, throughout history, pale skin was associated with aristocracy, because aristocrats didn’t have to labor outside in the fields under the hot sun, and aristocrats were associated with wealth, power and prestige. Also, northern races tend to be more successful than southern races, for whatever reason(s). For example, northern Europe has been more successful than southern Europe, at least in the modern era, and northern India has been more successful than southern India throughout history. Until very recently, I think the same thing could be said of China, perhaps even now.

If you compare peoples close to the equator with peoples far from it, as a whole, in spite of the Inuit and those living very furthest north, northerners tend to be more peaceful and prosperous than southerners. Now, this fact impresses us be consciously and subconsciously, culturally other individually. Perhaps we even evolved to prefer lighter features, because of this fact.

Now why do you suppose this fact is a fact, if indeed it is, as I maintain, and not a fiction? Why do northerners outperform southerners, and why are their physical, and perhaps even their mental traits generally preferred? Intelligence means what? It means you’re not operating on instinct, at least, not entirely, it means you can learn things about your environment, and alter your behavior in accordance with new knowledge. Intelligence makes us generalists rather than specialists, at least as a species, not necessarily as individual cogs in the societal machine. We can adapt to virtually any earthly climate, or even adapt climates to ourselves.

The ones who’re farthest from the equator, are probably the most intelligent, as the stupid ones could not have survived in such climates, and were weeded out. So the climates furthest from the equator house the most intelligent of our species, namely, northern Caucasians, northern Mongoloids and to a lesser extent, northern native Amerindians/Inuit, who are actually more intelligent than most races, and these races are fairer on average, especially Europeans with our light hair and eyes, and uniquely pale skin tone.

No doubt, evolution has recognize these facts as well as culture, causing most of us to prefer pale people to dark people. Intelligence seems to have given our species an advantage, an edge in our struggle for survival, at least for the time being, maybe for eternity, wouldn’t that be something? So evolution has programmed us to desire it, in addition to other traits, like light features, which tend to be coupled with it. There are other features that’re associated with intelligence, such as Neolithic, soft features as opposed to Paleolithic, harsh features.

Taylor swift appears to have brown hair in that pic.

With some grey in it, oddly.
She also looks like someone not to get close to emotionally. Like run for the hills or be callous yourself.

White bread and refined sugar are vastly more popular then the healthier versions.

All this purity and transcencence class charkra bullshit.


These are to prove you wrong. I like all of these more than your typical blonde with blue eyes:

Hey look: Blonde hair and blue eyes!

But those are just societies expressed intentions for our selective patterns. They want us to be vain and choose good looks over qualities that might better suit our species. In reality, these people are all beautiful; but they are not any more beautiful than any other creature on this earth.

I find that even the most beautiful people in the world make themselves ugly just because they don’t feel beautiful and want people to constantly reinforce it for them. That’s why Hitler got his ass handed to him and that’s why the aryan dream has yet to actually mean a damn thing in the world and why it never will. Blonde Hair and Blue eyes is NOT the dominant race; it never has been and never will be. There is no dominant race; no dominant species; we all feed off of each other and need each other and people are so preoccupied with their vanity that they fail to see the qualities of every human being.

Would you date a woman with crooked or missing teeth? Would you date a woman who was a little bigger than the average girl? Would you date a woman with a defect? People are seeking perfection, never finding it. It’s great that you guys have a personal preference for blonde hairs, pale skin and blue eyes. If they were really the dominant attributes of our kind, then they would actually stand out and that doesn’t always happen. It happens just as much with every other attribute you have named.

It is ridiculous that people keep pushing forth this personal preference as ideology when all it is and always has been is personal preference.

6 7 and 8 are pretty ugly if you ask me, but to each their own.

Taylor Swift varies, with so much makeup it’s hard to tell.

Most women are pretty ugly.

I’ll deal with everything idioms wrote some other time perhaps.

It’s getting late where I’m from.

Antithesis are you gay?

I meant most women are pretty ugly without makeup, or, overrated.

Again, it’s getting late where I’m from.



According to the criteria laid out in the OP, white skin with black hair is equally as attractive as black skin with blonde hair. Or have I read it wrong?

I always choose green eyes whenever I have to get them changed, as I’m told they match my complexion.

Interesting analogy.

How would this translate psychologically, if there’s any truth to it, which I think there is? Are white people more sophisticated on average, more refined? By the same token, are they more histrionic, shallow and superficial? Are they more able and willing to wear masks, to disguise their nature? Are they more out of touch with themselves, with who they are, deep down, their subconscious, their id and their superego? Are we like robots or shapeshifters, capable of readapting and reprogramming ourselves at will? With white people, does culture, does the meme come to supplant the gene in importance, and is that why fame, fortune, wealth, power, things that should be means to ends, rather than ends in themselves, become more important than our basic instincts, our needs, and is that why we reek havoc wherever we go? In our art, in our science, in the way we refine and sophisticate everything, preferring style over substance, our we expressing our own twisted, warped psychology, our we doing to others what was done to us, by making everything artificial and inorganic, lifeless, rootless?

Actually, I prefer girls with black/dark brown hair, brown/green eyes and beige/white skin. Maybe that’s why I prefer north east Asian girls to many other types. I find blonde haired, blue eyed girls with tans, as is popular in America, to be unattractive. Historically in Japan, pale skin with black/dark brown hair and eyes has been preferred. However, recently there’s this phenomena known as Ganguro or Gyaru (I get the two confused), where some Japanese girls try to emulate the Californian look, to the shock, horror and dismay of their parents and the older generation. It’s in stark contrast to another popular phenomena, known as the Gothic Lolita look. (Un)Fortunately you can’t see either.

I can sort of imagine what a Gothic Lolita might be, since I went through a mercifully brief Goth phase myself.