Board won't let me add Carleas to Foe List

I wanted to ban all the moderators and administrators from talking to me by putting them on my foe list… but it’s not working. Is there some sort of glitch on the site? I started off with Carleas… but wasn’t working. Damn thing is broken or something. ](*,)

Now why would you want to go and do that CN? We are here to help you… so if you need anything just ask :slight_smile:

Doesn’t work against Magsj either.

We don’t have to send you messages in order to ban you CN… remember that :wink:

Is that what this is about?

Now I’m being threatened to be banned for no reason. I’ve done nothing wrong here, not attacking or talking ill of anyone. Just trying to get this board function to work.

Work dammit… WORK!!!

Why do you want to ‘foe’ the mods? We obviously need to see all posts in order to moderate the site… hence the function being disabled towards staff - are we really that bad? :slight_smile:

Still not working. :teasing-tease:

Looks like you’re stuck with us then :wink:


HaHa! Looks like they’re oppressing you with their eternal presence.

PSSSH! Those in authority always say they’re out there to help you.

I don’t believe it for a minute!

I’m sure there are moderators on the other sites you frequent CN? so I’m not sure what your issue is with ILP…

By taking onboard the ILP member’s feedback I think we have created a haven without disruption, so we are here to help, JLW.

CN would make a great comedian I think, somehow always manages to make me laugh… :laughing:

I’m so glad CN made you laugh… at the mod’s expense :confused:

How would him putting you on Foe keep you from seeing his posts?

This has to do with the software we use, not with any setting that we control. It’s written into phpBB that mods can’t be foe’d. Sent complaints there (there’s a link at the bottom of every page).

That’s our story and we’re sticking to it.

My favorite feature is the remote access to users’ webca…

But I’ve said too much.

Hope you enjoyed the show last night Faust.


Why don’t you try again on November 5th. Or pull a John Galt on 'em and commandeer the whole fucking site. But you didn’t hear that from me, okay? :wink:

I don’t want the whole site, just the forum Pav has… and turn it into three subforums, a Anthropology/Sociology forum, Statecraft and Martial Philosophy, and Ideology, Current events, and moderate them all.

Most of walker’s post would land into the Ideology forum, Statecraft would be dealing with guys from Machiavelli and Chandragupta to Hobbes, and the Anthropology/Sociology guys like Ibn Khaldun and Boaz. The philosophy of history spread across them (as well as other forums).

I ain’t got shit else to do here.

Ahem, There is a reason why I limit myself to the social sciences section for the bulk of my posts.

I am not really interested in abstract issues that other people pride themselves on.

I am only concerned with the existential.