Board won't let me add Carleas to Foe List

I would correct you, but given your attraction to violence, I am okay with you being all fudged up in this outlook, as it makes you considerably less dangerous than if you were systematically argued into a position of well informed competency.

Don’t mean to be nosy but what’s November 5th?

google Guy Fawkes

What does putting anyone on a Foe list do?
Maybe I will consider it. :-k

It makes you read their posts in other people’s quotes so you only have half the information you need to stay current in a discussion.

People who use the function on people tend to Balkanize a forum into branches that can’t and won’t speak to one another cept through a drunk female intermediary who is a ex-patriot living in Budapest who also has ADHD, who is also a wiccan lesbian and hates men and loves getting new tattoes and the task of providing interpersonnel communications to all, with her own twist on things.

Please don’t make her come… she is summoned by everyone Foeing one another. She just knows to come.


She’s not a lesbian.

Fine… a Bi-Sexual Dyke who hasn’t had a cock in 15 years.

:laughing-rolling: :laughing-rolling:

It’s ten years. Such hyperbole!

:laughing: Add me onto the lol-pile.

Oh dear… Faust, I thought I was talking about someone else.


I hope I am talking about someone else. Anastasia, is that you?

Anastasia? The ILP foe list intermediary is named…nice try. Thought I’d spill it, eh?

She’s not a lesbian, anyway.

I happen to know this for a fact.

She was pretty drunk, I’ll admit.

So was I.



Faust, I was talking about someone in a joke from years ago on a old forum I was a member of when the Friend vs Foe option was a firefox patch, not part of forums yet… a joke based on reality, but completely anonymous to anyone here. I haven’t the slightest clue what your talking about… and I must please ask that you like… not mention anymore of it, cause your scaring me a little.

Blimey! I guess sometimes it’s difficult to know when someone is joking.

Anyway, I have nothing against lesbians. She’s just not one.

That’s all I really wanted to say.