Bob ate a cracker. Then he died.

Sucks to be Bob. Was it perhaps suicide? Rat poison on the cracker?

who’s Bob? a pet gerbil?

i think its an analogy of life…

Analogies are boring!

no, analogies are awsome. YOU are boring :laughing: .

what he tried to say ( i think) is that all we do is eat a few crackers before we die… kind of depressing…

I like useful analogies that add to life, but you are right: this one is kinda depressing: therefore bores me - see where I was going with this?

let’s not get into a heated discussion of whether something depressing is necessarily boring…

i can see it now…

but it adds to my life… everything adds to my life… i believe everything is worth hearing… though some are boring or depressing, all have potential.

…that is obviously your intention/demise: not mine, so please don’t tell me how I should reply/react. :imp:

That’s a good view to have - I wish I could, but my view-point is very selective and I only listen to what I want to hear/positive affirmations only. :wink: anything less than that isn’t worth my attention…

Bob ate another cracker when he was dead. Then he died again.


Bob is cool. He made me spurt my soda on the keyboard thru my nose. Ahahaha.

Good for you then… lol :smiley: