Body, Mind, Or Spirit? (A Little Saotome Momento)

A little question for the masses that I just thought of: Which is more important? Mind, body, or spirit?

In my humble and very minor opinion, I’d say that the mind makes the person. Without a stable mind, your body would be useless. The mind powers the body. In turn, the body is used as a medium for the mind to express whatever’s in it. (Physical changes, decisions, and other such things.) As for the soul, the mind fuels it. Without your mind, you can’t express what just so happens to lurk in your soul at whatever given time. Matter of fact, without a decent mind, a person wouldn’t even bother to wonder about whatever a soul should be or whatever it possibly is. I have to say, when someone goes insane, I think of it as a glitch in the system. As with glitches, some can be tended to and a solution can be found.

I hope that was clear enough for the average person to understand. If you need me to put anything into context, just let me know. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’d take spirit out of the equation. Spirit is just a fabrication. Its all mind-body. And as for which is more important, neither. They are equally important, a symbiotic relationship. Without one you would not have the other. Mind, and body are part of the same whole, and cannot be seperated.

Rounder wrote:

I would have to disagree. They are equally important in the sense that one has no use without the other. But the mind is far more important when it comes to everday use. The body is a condition of the mind. They dont impress upon each other equally. The body and its senses allow us to percieve stimuli. The mind processes this stimuli, but also, from that which has already been percieved the mind can create new thoughts, ideas, etc. The mind also controls the body. Looking at it from a newborn perspective, this is how I intepret the mind-body question. As a baby much of the brain is not developed, so through out bodily senses we percieve information. So the body is kind of the one in charge at this time, for without it, obtaining the information for the mind to advance cant happen. Then through the growth of the brain, the pruning and waning of dendrites and axon fibers, the mind becomes enhanced and is able to do much more. This is when the mind takes over. It controls all aspects of what the body is doing. As before it controlled it to the extent in which just to obtain the information it needed. Now that it has this information, based upon it, it can go and explore some more, or engage in whatever else. So the mind is first in the succession of events, rather than the body being first, for the sole purpose of obtaining the information the brain needed at birth. Hopefully I have written this coherently enough to where you can understand, I am a little tired.

Wouldn’t that all be opinion? You couldn’t really possibly know what is most “important”, right? Also, wouldn’t the mind and body just be the body? The mind comes from the brain which is part of the body. Without a brain or body you wouldn’t have a mind.

Since the mind is a product of the brain and spirit is out of the equation, then that leaves the body. BUT, why should we take spirit out of the equation and how is it a fabrication? I agree the term “spirit” is silly and doesn’t get near the point. However, in a world where good is balanced by evil, men by women, and up by down, there must be some sort of balance needed for our physical body, right? It’s like having all good and no bad or all up and no down.

With this said, the new question would be whether the physical body or its opposite is more important. I say neither, because they are equal. To balance something, the opposite has to be equal to the original thing.

Murdoc wrote:

Yes, it would be all opinion. And for the sake of argument, we are looking at each as seperate entities. For the mind is just as the spirit, its something we dont really understand, yet have a feeling that it exist, so they gave it a name. I agree that spirit should be a part of this question as well, but I dont believe you should displace mind either. Body and mind do co-exist, working together, but can still be analyzed seperately. So why allow body to be a part of the question, but not mind?

Murdoc wrote:

I would say its opposite, because if the physical is finite, then the opposite would be infinite. Obviously a more important entity.