body problem

how do you want your body to be dealt with after you die? and can you give a reason for it?

Well, I guess if the physical body carries no idendity than its not much a problem, but if it does its a big issue.

Ergo, my Murphy’s law of planning one can assume that the body will carry some identity.

Now this would be terrible, to be stuck peering out the eyes of an inanimate object until decay finially occurs. In the hope that a large transformation would ‘release’ me from this state, I would request to be processed into a diamond.

In case, that doesn’t do it I would have the necklace be given to someone reasonalby cool and responsible preferably who I cared a great deal about with the instructions to wear it often and otherwise keep it in open air, perferable near a window where something interesting is often happening.

When I die, I would like for my body to be filled with wires, so it stands with legs shoulder width and arms akimbo and the head turned to the right and slightly up, like I’m looking into the distance. Then the body should be dressed in the Highth of Fashion and placed in the window of Zipperhead.

My corpse would be enshrined and worshipped daily by drunken acolytes. Once a year, a young vestal virgin would light a candle at the foot of my tomb in rememberance of the past and to signify that my light still doth shine in the world.

Actually, that does sound kind of cool. My meglomania starts today! Woo.

Im not sure, but there is something they are doing nowadays that sounds interesting. A person is creamated, and in their ashes, is enough carbon? to make a large diamond. Then the diamonds are distributed among the family. Actually, that’s kind of freaky, never mind.
…“And this diamond is my mom.”

Oh I guess you already said that, I didn’t read everyone’s response.

I never knew about that diamond thing… Sounds expensive.