bomb blasts in london

feel free to use this thread to ‘check-in’ with the site to let us know you are ok or to share your condolences

just heard the news



Is everyone okay? I know alot of you ILPers live in the UK. The second I heard about it I decided to log on. My thoughts go out to all of you out there. I lost three really close friends 9/11 and this brings back some un-needed memories.

I’m with Smooth, would all ILP UK members please check in? We need to know you’re OK


Thoughts are with you all from Canada…

:cry: Smooth, I puked this morning as I have numerous UK relatives. I wish the UK well. You are tough and hope you have the same resiliance exhibited as you did in WWII.

:imp: Al Quada apostates I wish you a nasty death, may you be burned alive you pricks.

They will.

:astonished: :astonished: :astonished:

wheres liquidangel?!?!

She checked in a bunch of times. She ok I’m sure.

Thanks for your concern embracetrees and indeed all of you. I’m safe and well. Things are quickly getting back to normal here. Most people have chosen to work from home today, not wanting to catch the tube etc. I think we’re more shaken than anything else but we know we’re resilient. Aside from the obvious loss of lives - even one life would be too many lost - not much has changed in terms of our daily lives.

Viva London. Viva!


That will not solve the problem, will the younger generation not be just like their fathers?

culturally speaking, we’ll have to do to the middle east what we did in japan …

this is not to say we need to nuke iran either (although that may not be necessarily bad nor far off)… we need to “dethrone” their “emporer” so to speak…


Is it not fair to say that though you may get rid of the leader(s) you would still need to be rid of the potential millions of younger generations from taking up the roles that their fathers did. Why would destroying al-quaeda do any good? It may stop terrorist attacks for now but that doesn’t abolish their system, surely the young ones need educating so that they do not follow their fathers fate?

Is there a huge Samurai problem in Japan? That ended pretty quickly.

Police have found four suspects for whom they think set the bombs in motion, all of which are dead so now they are trying to trace their “so called” influencers. Three of the bombers are of Pakistani origin and one of Jamaican origin but british citizen, neither of which are entirely relevant.

One of the bombers was a Primary school teacher and social worker, one was just 18years of age and the other two i am unsure about but here is a reliable link. … efault.stm

Primary school teacher and social worker

That is fucking heinous!

It is not that these people are “bad” people. They are just mislead by faith.

I agree but it’s too late to make friends after they have either splattered themselves across the landscape or get shot by the police.

Both of these people were helper types and I understand the one was a child therapist. It seems unlikely that such people are “evil” and would do anything just for the amusement of hurting people. Thus, I have to conclude that what they did they did because they were trying to be helpful. That is a huge problem.

helpful to what end?