bombings done without brains behind them, Gee, surprise!

well brilliance strikes again in the form of bombing the wrong people. I guess the objective is to get everyone pissed at muslims. Private owned papers run a stupid comic strip and these people bomb the ones that are not responsible that are trying to bring peace. Can there really be any doubt about what needs to be done? Sorry but not from my view, I say hunt all of these faniatic idiots down, and kill them. no mercy. Since they show no mercy they deserve no mercy. if any gov’t prevents the hunt then they are an accomplice. These fanatics want a war? , a fight to the death, I say do it. WW3 , may as well get it over with.

Your heart Kris! Your heart! :slight_smile:

Well I think for every monsters there is always a creator, misguided mostly but malicious all the same. And I won’t ask for a WW3 as we had reached a MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) type of weaponry.

stupid insane fucks.


There isn’t 10% of the Islamic community that would disagree with the intentions behind “punishing” the infidels who would dare print an image of Mohammed. Some would decry the violence and the innocent lives lost, but not the punishment itself. So killing those who believe in striking at the infidels over a picture might be a tall order. Until Islam reforms itself and educates it’s people to live now and not in the 7th century, this kind of insanity will continue.

I doubt theres 10% in the first world islamic communities which would decry massive punishment for using our free-speech when it comes to their religious beliefs. I was looking at a lot of polls/statistics for islamics in first worlds, and the overwhelming majority support horribly repressive laws to subdue free-speech, and that despite free-speech those that critisize islam should see criminal prosecution.

One thing that is consistant in first world muslim population if not, as you mention, killing someone outright for their beliefs, t hey certain support repressive barbarism in the forms of cruel laws, if not supporting others killing, outright.

You’re right, islam needs a reform, on top of that we need european countries and canadian provinces which don’t hit you with human right violations charges(trumped up and fake as they are) for expressing your freedom of speech and critsizing mulsims over this stuff.

Its scary that muslims do this, ,scarier still that people in ‘free’ countries who respect their ‘human rights’ violate massively our human rights to bring us up on these trumped up fake charges.

human right comissions have become a play-thing of muslims.

Iose,I am not asking for the war, I just want to get it done we are already on that path. We have to turn our cheeks to this crap according to people that make money and power off of petty fighting and pretense. They bomb innocent folks and we are supposed to watch what we say and do because of PC. If 90% of Muslims support this kind of attack then frigging wipe out those 90% of muslims. I do not care if they are Muslim or not, if someone fights that way or supports that sort of attack, then they are declaring war. They are wanting to die. Screw it, turn all the armies loose on them and get it done once and for all until the next set of idiots comes along.And sadly there is always going to be a set of idiots. when does PC and passiveness stop being the right thing to do? when you are holding your childs brains in your hand or you see a mother holding her baby’s brains in her hands. Wipe out those that purposely kill civilians or the innocent.

You’re full of insane shit that doesn’t make any sense.

No one on this board dislikes/hates the muslim population which supports this shit more than I. (My apologies to anyone who had to live through some insane shit with muslims like genital mutilation or assassination or extreme violence directly. Perhaps such a person would dislike s uch types of muslims more)

and y eah, it is a HUGE portion of the muslim population, even in first world countries that support this. To simply in Canada, wipe out every one of the people that support this would be insane and barbaric. To bust in with say, swat teams to eliminate them, would be brutal.

Canada supports muslims through bringing chumped up charges against canadians who critisize barbaric muslim beliefs, by using multiculturalism as an excuse to import insane barbaric values, seperating common law based on religious ideas. Canada makes room for muslims in a lot of stupid ways.

We can eradicate this social pox by saying. “FUCK OFF” multiculturalism is not about importing barbarism, common law will apply, if you don’t like free-speech get the fuck out and don’t come back. and enforce such on a country wide level.

Should europe take a harder stance against islamic terrorism/importing of islamic beliefs, supporting common law, etc etc etc? YES. and yeah, somtimes this will come down to swat teams and fucked up issues like that (as european islamic terrorism can be fucking bad) but all out rejection instead of acceptance of islamic barbarism on the CULTURAL LEVEL will work too.

On a global scale its a lot more problematic and may require war or crushing of certain administrations/states/countries on the islamic side (eventually) but maybe it will never neeedd to get to that point ,countries have seen radical and quick secularization before.

but yeah, more of a stomach for fighting and killing islamics will be needed for the future. We just don’t need ravenous dogs like you hoping to rip everyone’s throats out.

We need a CONTROLLED response to this REAL THREAT. how many human threats go away when we decide to just ruthlessly exterminate? You can spread a religion by slaughter, its hard to kill one like that though.

Duh, everybody knows that bombings are done without brains behind them.

( Bombs are usually executed with a button or trigger mechanism silly.)

I agree with the rest, but I’ve got no idea what’s behind this.

What do you mean by this? The article seems to say that the objective was the Danish embassy and it was fairly sucessfully bombed.

You do understand why we want to bomb you, right?

The danish embassy was successfully bombed, and it was probably over those danish cartoons. If you’re saying your muslim, you’re absurd to say it with any pride, considering how many muslims in first world nations support insane idiotic beliefs.

Its not only that they dislike bad things about our societies.

Statistically and polling shows that they LOVE IDIOTIC, BARBARIC, BACKWORDS, laws/conceptual cultural standards of their own.

If muslims wanted reforms based on the wrongs in our societies I could understand. They don’t, they want reforms based on their own barbarism like sharia law.

Muslims want to ‘bomb’ people not for a specific reason, but because they hate things like free speech, when that free speech can be used to critisize their own previous, heart-held, religious beliefs.

The reason riots started after the danish cartoon was not because they hate this or that or this, its because they HATE FREE-SPEECH, when it CRITISIZES their religious beliefs.

Most muslims living in britain think that despite free-speech those who critisize islam should end up facing criminal charges.

Considering that all of muslim societies put out almost no scientific education/discovery to the rest of the world, its not all that surprising that they also hate free-speeech.

Muslims want to ‘bomb’ people because their xenophobic and idotic and their religion pushes them towards violence, thats it. And almost every case of islamic terrorism screams this to anyone objective enough to listen.

Say, ,hotel bombings, people being left in the snow dead, people mutilated over what? A fucking book being written. Assasination squads sent to forign nations by religious leaders in islamic countries for the same reason, people being butchered in the streets of europe for creating movies or films depicting islam in a critical/harsh light.

Muslims make me sick and they don’t have a ‘reason’ for what t hey do, other than the very problems within t heir own religion, which helps bring out the worst in humans.

So why is the Danish embassy responsible for that cartoon? why attack the Gov’t employees? They did nothing wrong. It was the newspapers that printed that cartoon. And it was just cartoons. It was not worth murder. Do you really think that a cartoon is worth killing people over? Do 90% of Muslims believe that? Do 90% of christians believe that a people should be killed because of a cartoon? How about Jewish folks do they feel that way and other dominate religions? Christians can be pretty stupid and start wars for pretty stupid reasons as can any religious state like Isreal. Christians have done their fair share of slaughtering in the name of their Jesus. So they are not innocent of blood either. Any group that would kill over something so inane and so stupid needs to be wiped out even those that applaud the group. When free speech is taken away then any freedom will soon be dead.

happiness extends.

No, the danish government is responsible for it, directly responsible for it, by supporting the freedom of speech which allowed these writers/cartoonists to create the images.

And yes, this is how much it means to muslims that the governments allow these freedoms, that they riot, and burn embassies over it.

The cartoon is more than just a cartoon, it represents someone’s freedom to critisize/talk about ideas that they personally feel are X (any emotion) its massively, massively important for a free society.

It wasn’t the cartoon it was the offense it gave them, its not the cartoon for us either, but what the cartoons represent. (our freedom to point out that muslims are fucked and mock their prophet while doing so)

Cyrene, that’s not much of an argument. If I speak ill of you, does that mean that the appropriate response is for you to attack a government installation in response? Should every persoanl offense that is allowed by the US government be responded to that way? I have offended you many times, by my ignorance, stupidity, oh heck, I forget now, you have said so many things. Shouldn’t you be firebombing a post office or something?

And yeah, sure - it’s not the cartoon but what it represents. Kris knows that. If I say that word offend me, I am saying that what they represent does. They are symbols.

A cartoon is nothing more than a cartoon. A word is only a word. They represent something - but that’s their function. A cow is nothing more than a cow. And yes, you can eat them, too. But that’s part of their cowness.

I don’t even know where you get this stuff from.

Mod note - yeah, I saw what nano wrote.

As “wrong” as extremists are, and as much as I despise them, and as much as I despise Islam, killing 90% of muslims because of some random statistics? WW3? Using logic to say how idiotic their actions are and then resorting to responding in kind? Is logic then not just a front to justify an agenda to kill 90% of muslims? In practicality, how would this be done? How do you separate the 10% from the 90%? Would your actions not alienate a percentage of the 10%? And killing them yet another portion of that remainder and so on? Killing 90% of muslims and WW3, an emotional conclusion from a logical premise. Also, there’s many more things that factor into these acts. Some cartoon in itself is not the cause. Hundreds of years of colonialism, alienation of an entire belief, and others here and there that don’t make sense to the western mind and that I can’t think of. I think you should realize that you’re responding in kind but from the other side of the line.

I’m not a Muslim, but the forces against America and her allies are gathering and being arrayed. Up to a point, your enemy’s enemy is your friend.

Rouzbeh, We are not talking about a military group that attacks specific targets such as other military groups. These fanatics are bombing people who have done no harm and hell they even have managed to kill more muslims then christians or Jewish. Its almost as if we just have to stand around and let them bomb themselves plus those that support them. If all countries pulled back away from any muslim country do you really think the bloodshed will stop? Do you think the bombings will not be done anymore in European countries or in the Americas? If you do I envy your innocence. these people are deliberate, fanatic and dangerous. they kill to provoke war and hate. It won’t stop. Pulling back will only give them faith to build up more attacks. They do not think like normal humans, their beliefs are to the fanatic stages and that makes them akin to a rabid dog. Dangerous unpredictable and perfectly willing to die in order to kill you and yours. If you surrender you die anyway.You are scum, I am scum and we should not be breathing their air. They want us dead, not just leaving them alone, they want death.

Etoin, you forget one little thing, The US citizen is armed and the US citizen goes willingly and quickly into uniforms of war when pushed. Others hate us because of our idiot leaders, can’t say as I blame any enemy for that. But do not discount The US people on a whole. We may fight ourselves constantly but, we do pull together when outside forces attack. Our leaders are not us, our leaders even forget what we are. Grandma average jane will fight right along side anyone in order to keep forces out. You all want a piece of us then bring it on. Go ahead with nukes, you can’t get us all. Invade our borders, you will lose. Countries Like US and Australia, Canada are made from people that are rejects from other countries and rejects tend to be hard to kill even their descendents. Rejects understand what fighting for your life means. So do what you want because we and any ally will do what we have to.

I for one am not blaming the “leaders”; and neither was OBL; it is the American people who are the target and the enemy. And don’t be thinking that it is just the Moslems, for example, in the head-lines this week,

South Korean police have clashed with demonstrators in the capital Seoul during protests over government plans to resume US beef imports. … 429758.stm

I never thought it was just Muslims. I watch the news and read it. Hate very rarely has boundries. Odds are if one group hates you then there will be more.