Slowly disappear, or die suddenly, have great funeral?

  • Wither away to a post a year.
  • Lash out and call detrop a dog snorter.
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It truly is a glorious day. To celebrate, I think I’m going to slowly disappear and only participate in the word association thread. Or maybe I’ll make violent verbal attacks on the character of debaters in the philosophy forum, and be honored forever.

You manatees!

yeah, i mostly do word association anymore. see? i’m not even capitalizing! just like the old days! :smiley:

You stale ding dong! You’re all bungee jumping knock knock jokes!

(i’ve chosen number 2)

It is better to leave in a violent blast of glory, pissing off as many fucking cretins as you can, and then taking on indignant aires as you are (sort of) banned.

Yeah, while I guess that makes you a twinkie too.

Nobody can ban me! I’m the soul of this forum! I’m what keeps this place alive! Ban me and you will run down in months!

You, you, Telletubbie fetishists!

congrats, in 2 or 3 gs more, you can disappear altogether.

Ack, you edited my post, you communist. I quit.