Brain mind stuff.

:-k In my endeavor to understand the mind here’s my hypothesis. The brain is biochemical and electrical, could the electrical impulses be another form of energy with knowledge? Transferring knowledge from memory to a snaps-is and vice versa?And at the same time sharing them with the mind? I suspect knowledge comes from a eternal source, the five senses. Input always omes from the outside? Thoughts? PL

I’m far from convinced that the mind and knowledge it contains are emergent properties, but I waiver on whether the source lies outside the body or in the DNA coding, or perhaps both. If those creative, clever, collective-intelligence carpenter ants outwit my best laid plans year after year after year, and if the intelligence of individual ants depends upon the size of the colony, how does that work? And could something similar communicate intelligence or knowledge to human beings, then?


I can’t make sense of that question.

The “mind” is the entire functioning of the nervous system… including the memory activities.

The 5 senses are not eternal.

Deduction doesn’t “come from outside”. And without deduction, there can be no knowledge.
Knowledge is merely stored associations. But association is a deduction of association, “because they happened at the same time, they are associated”.

This one is interesting thread.

Imagining if dead cells are replaced with living cells in whole dead body (including brain) ,
and also circulation of blood within dead body is made to run again !!

SO, can this bring the dead body into life !!?

Because of this , not only question about origin of thoughts arise ,
But, also another important question arise -


Is it just living cells and circulation of blood within brain, that’s it ?