Brainstorming Sessions

The broken individual…segueways into the broken family…which has no values due to lack of commitment in the individual as well as to the family structure.

The lack of commitment in an individual is the lack of patience primarily, to bide one’s time until the best opportunity presents itself, while remaining on the look out for this ideal and not to settle unnecessarily which would be compromising one’s integrity.

Compromised integrity begs the question whether or not it can ever be redeemed in a way that strengthens it rather than leaving it scarred and in peril for another breach.

What beliefs do moderns have? What is their foundation if they were not born standing on one?

Family used to be the foundation out of which a child would have the best chance to see cooperative partnerships between the male and female, husband and wife. Male and female roles designed by biological natures, propensities, to behave according to their needs for belonging, safety, sex, and reproduction.

Since beliefs, foundations, are no longer formed through familial partnerships, the individual himself born out of poor choices, himself a mistake, becomes the societal problem producing steady dysfunction that touches all aspects of civilized life.[expand/define ways]

[An aside: I believe the phrase of “talking out of both sides of one’s mouth” represents what is actually happening. Now my intention is not to persecute those who hammer one ideal as their truth while living another lie simultaneously, I’d rather they transition into the truth that is healthiest for them. Face it, some folks would rather be ill than healthy.]

Health. Physical health is discussed nonstop, but what of mental health? Boy, this is a big topic with a reach that has effects that stretch well off into future generations. [There are several arenas in which physical and mental health…lost my train of thought/return.]

I’m not going to discuss the direct biological gene/cell ramifications that may be currently surfacing as medical conditions such as cancers, mental illnesses, etc. I’d rather describe the atmosphere of modernity that transcends from one generation to the next namely artifice and superficiality to begin with.

What is an example of a good family? What makes a good family?

A short list of necessary working components:

  1. Cohesion
    …A) An invested union (marriage)
    …B) A male and a female modeling cooperation and mutual respect as a unified front
    …C) children instructed by the unified parental front
  2. Perseverance
  3. Common sense:common decency, easy honesty, moderation, awareness of self & others