Brazil is the Birthplace of Postmodernism

Consider this, Brazil is the birthplace of postmodernism
Aside from the fascinating social aspects of Brazil which tend towards a Postmodern wackiness:
Fernand Braudel organized the history department of the University of Sao Paulo in the 1920’s. He invented microfiche and worked On his history of the Mediterranean there.
Claude Levi-Strauss was also a researcher at the U of SP, where he investigated Amazonian tribes for his Elementary Structures of Kinship - one of the most important books of the 20th Century
Pierre Clastres’ work On the Guayaki Indians, who lived in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul and across the border in Paraguay, was influential In the postmodern Movement away from Locke and towards Hobbes, ie the movement away from contracts to power
Brasilia is the first Modernist planned capital, from what I understand.
Curitiba is a star city for its ongoing attempt to build and run an ecologically sound city.

Hm, is there no difference between structuralism and postmodernism?

I allways thought Paris to be the birthplace of postmodernism …

well sure there is, but it’s more fun to be provocative and Come up with things like Brasil is the birthplace of pomoism


I’m just asking myself if you want to discuss about postmodernism or about Brazil … :wink:

well, both, of course

hum… i see you know a good bit of my country… how come? :sunglasses:

Carlinhos Brown. Any country cool enough to produce Carlinhos Brown and Olodum has to rock. Plus Brasil has a lot going on, man. It’s hard to miss the largest country in south America. (plus my one of my Undergraduate degrees is in Spanish. I learned a little portuguese in the process)

lol i thought u were gonna say we speak Spanish here :sunglasses: hum, actually Carlinhos Brown is hated down here… a couple yrs ago at the Rock in Rio Music Festival he got water bottles thrown at him…

however, ur definately right about olodum! but i think that Carnaval is a much more substantial cultural aspect to look at :wink:

Why is Carlinhos Brown hated? That’s really interesting. I completely understand what you mean about the importance of Carnaval. I live in New Orleans for a time and passed through, unscathed, Mardi Gras

im from brazil, from sao paulo, in the morumbi, but anyways yeah i concur

Okay, that’s the discussion about Brazil …
Now let me provoke you with another statement:

The birthplace of postmodernism was Paris, 1933, when Alexandre Kojève started his lectures on Hegel!

You know Klingsor, I only have passing familiarity with Kojeve. please explain.

I heard a german postmodern philosopher say this in a lecture on postmodernism … - The reason was that the foundation of postmodernism is the idea of the end of history, and Kojève in his lectures was the first to teach that history had reached its end.