One thing I can say for myself is that I never visit a place shallowly.

I had to get myself good and fucked up there and managed to barely talk myself out of actual Sao Paulo prison after I did some seriously fucked up shit still high on ayahuasca and 5 whiskeys,

like really/


That dose was strong goddammit.

Oh yeah also Im from a protestant country. And that dude was really wearing on my nerves. So I was half asleep when she asked.

Goddesses have needs too. But they have less laws. Or maybe just saner ones.

The road to sanity is too enjoyable to ever really get ‘straight in the head’ - I mean who wants to be a well adapted cogwheel? A well oiled thinglet? Maybe it is the idea of paradise to the lower personality. But you quickly find out that whatever is machine is the dark part. The part that has no name, even though we tried to give it many, they dont stick - the goddamned x is too well oiled.

Well oiled x
what a way to end a post.

You do not have to retire or end anything.

Signed, The eye of the tiger.
Remember once?

I had a memory resurfacing but I couldn’t place it. I did a search and arrived at a quite beautiful thread.