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How to break and enter. Post your tips below.

if you are going to break and enter, break is the operative word.

use a bazooka.


Please use the large dog door to enter your victim’s domicile. People use these fake doors just to make it look like they have a real dog. 99% of the time if they do have a dog it is a tiny one and not harmful.

Small dogs hate the smell of cats it scares them so spray yourself with feline urine to ward off these useless mongrels. They also do not like the smell of blood, rub yourself thoroughly with a bloody raw steak. Both these odors will ensure that the mongrel will quietly run and hide from you.

Once inside do not be fooled by the oversized feed bowls, they are there just to intimidate you.

That clicking on the floor is just a recording so proceed into the home with full confidence.

If you’re gonna do it, because you have to, forget about houses. You can get shot easily that way. Cars are much better. I’d say get an emergency glass breaker, or emergency hammer or whatever it’s called for about 10 bucks. Scope parking decks and find the ones w/ out cameras. Find cars w/ valuables in sight, break glass, steal valuables, sell on ebay. Repeat as necessary. Try and make sure that you do it quickly.

Don’t make a mockery of this very serious issue.

Federal governments through out the world prohibit free-speech on the basis that it is “likely to incite imminent lawless action”. (1) Information can sometimes be couched in absurd rationalizations such as,

–as though professional-grade picks and tension wrenches are sold at the local Model Railway and Hobby Shop!

But in the name of accademic freedom and in the spirit of the search for truth, how-to information should not to be censored. Persons ought not to be restricted from such knowledges; persons are responible enough to know facts for the sake of knowledge for knowledge’s sake.

Possession of burglary tools(3) is almost everywhere a serious offence, it is much wiser to force a window or door by hand or foot than to carry even a simple pen-knife when skulking about.

(3) Sample statute:

Watch “To Catch a Thief” on the discover channel.

Find a busy middle-class neighboorhood, then find a house that is shielded from the road, then scout the habits of the occupants, then find time when occupants will be away for a few hours. Rent “moving” truck, break out window in back of house if everything is locked, and load up truck as if you were the mover… Don’t spend more than 10-15 minutes in the house, if people come home act like you know what you’re doing, and then quickly leave. Take small valuable items over big and bulky value, don’t take anything you can’t fence, get rid of items as quickly as possible.

It’s well known that halflings and elves make the best thieves…

Only B&E police homes especially the chief. They are highly cocky. They never keep their guns loaded. In fact they keep their guns outside in the car. So do B&E their homes.

well let me think…no wait if I do that then if I did do it then anything I may say may be used against me.

Those tips are obvious. What you need to worry about is time. Today most people are going to have an alarm, and you can’t cut the power because that, itself, triggers the alarm. Besides, a house without an alarm isn’t gonna have anything good in it, as a general rule.

What you want to do is pick a neighborhood that is as far away as possible from the nearest police sub-station. This will delay the cops arrival.

You will need to plan an escape route, and you DO NOT do it with a car. You do it on foot, and run to your car which is parked far away. Staking out your way points is crucial. Where you park and which path you take to get to the car.

You will have a few people with radios positioned on the roads which lead to the neighborhood. They will have all the possible entry roads covered. These people will be your eyes. When you enter the house, they will watch for the inbound units and alert you as soon as they are spotted.

This allows you to relax and not hurry about. You don’t want to be too quick because you might miss the good stuff. Your people will tell you which street the unit is approaching on, and from that you will be able to estimate how much time you have to get out of the house and out of site.

When you leave, you head for the woods or other cover. You need a vehicle in which you can sit for at least ten minutes. This gives you time to allow for the cops to get to the house and off the roads. The last thing you want to do is pass the inbound cop on your way out. It is likely that he will turn around a follow you just in case…since it will be late at night and you will look suspicious. More than one cop will be in route…so the cop who turns around can be spared. The other cops will continue to the house.

You stay parked for only ten minutes. This is because there might be dogs trailing you if they bring the K-9 units. Calculate your distance and assume that it will take a cop with a dog X amount of time to get to your parked car. Normally it will take longer than ten minutes.

When you get back to the crib, you smoke a joint and split up the loot. Be good to your crew. Even though they don’t do the leg work…they are very important. Remember, this is a team effort and every man counts.

Good luck, comrades.

Oh wait…half of you are capitalist trash, or up coming capitalist trash as soon as you finish college and realize that your desk job will be taken over by computers, which will piss you off and cause you to become a nihilist and re-read Nietzsche.

Nevermind. I hope you get busted.

Well I had to break into my house once, because I locked the door when I left and forgot my house key. So find a good footing on the house and hang on to the window seal. Feel with an available hand for an open window, there is always an open window somewhere, push it open and try to roll in and catch yourself like a cat on all fours. Afterwards enjoy stealthily sneaking around like a ninja.

And thats why any time I’m tempted, I just kick a door in. :smiley:

Wear a dark suit, flash a paper around that looks like a valid warrant and just enter when the people are there. Of course this requires a partner. Repeat this at all their neighbors homes, get it all done in the same day… saves time. You can ransack without worries. :laughing: :laughing: