Britain Releases UFO Files

There is some really interesting stuff here, especially this:

“On the above date and time it was reported to this office that there were reports of UFO sightings over the base and an incident in progress on the Ft. Dix installation. Also, MAFB control tower, (illegible), reported same. Upon further investigation, it was reported that an unidentified being, had been shot by Dix MP’s and same entered MAFB at above location”


“One body of unknown origin released to the care of OSI District Commander and Special recovery team from Wright-(illegible) AFB.”

“Further Investigation revealed that there was some kind of body found on our installation. Area was cordoned off and ECP set up. USAF clinic personnel advised and dispatched accordingly. Recovery team notified and responding. All necessary personnel have been notified. See further 1569’s for more information. Investigation pending.”


Most of these things are beyond sad, if the government had eyebrow raising evidence of extra-terrestrial life, it’d be the exact ace card they need, it would increase military funding through the roof (if it was spun right) and it’d increase space-technology expenditure through the roof, no, theres no evidence (worth looking at) in support of alien life, that being said “UFOs” can be anything object, but rarely anything worth looking into.

Hey, hundreds of reports in there. Straight off the government website. Believe what you will, I just posted it for people to take a look.

If aliens were really heare and technologically superior . . . I think the government shooting and killing them is sort of a bad idea for the whole human well-being thing.

But maybe the government study wasn’t really extensive enough to delve into that theory.

Well, with the specific quote I posted, it apparently was just an ordinary guard at a New Jersey air force base who shot it. I would say it was just an impulsive act, couldn’t blame the guy I’d imagine.