Brrrr big freeze coming

Down to minus 2 in some areas from Thursday, according to this. … ml#f3VIo6c

It was colder than that two or three weeks ago.

Possibly, yes.

Icy as fuck not so long ago where I am. Seems like its getting warmer for the time being. Though I’m sure it will turn back for the worse soon…

Its 68 degrees and sunny here.

Perfect weather (if low humidity too)!


Yes its very dry. Its been cold and cloudy lately and today the sun is shining.

It’s also quite beautiful here today :slight_smile: Only 43F, but the sun is shining and there’s no wind, so it feels quite nice – especially after the cold snap we had last week.

I’m enjoying this!

The current temperature is about 26 degrees with a negligible breeze.

The Highs for the last three days have all been in the low-mid thirties, so the total accumulation (over a couple days) of six inches for the snow we got a week-and-a-half ago has been slowly melting. I would say that about half of it is gone at this point. I don’t believe it has snowed at all over the last week, but there were quite a few days where the highs were insufficient for any of the snow to melt.

The High is supposed to be 42 tomorrow, and we will see the Highs gradually climb to an apex of 60 degrees on Saturday, and then they will level out for one-two days and begin to fall again, I believe.

I don’t really care how cold it gets, provided it is not windy.

The cold has finally hit London (which is usually kept at bay by the warmth of the back to back buildings of a large city) so the place has reversed from glamorous to practical.