California Voters: "No" on Prop 71!

Changes the state constitution to provide for embryonic stem cell research, cloning, 3 billion dollars to the special interests who get to run the research. Never is it mentioned in the media that adult stem cell research has provided sucessful trials, but not stem cells from human embryos. The measure is unnecessary, immoral and probably futile.

Mel Gibson speaks out against the measure: (English and Spanish)

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arent embryo stem cells virtually illegal? didnt they allow for a limited number of samples to be used? thats stupid if so, you cant start a medical revolution with a limited amount of material. wouldnt that explain why there have been no results?

if you were a pile of cells, would you care if you died?

research on embryonic stem cells is not illegal… federal funding for it simply isn’t going to happen…


This is state funding.