Campaign for the retention of Limbo

Feck de babbies!

Towards a peoples campaign for the retention of Limbo!

Those fascists at the Vatican – they’ve gone to far this time – Ratsy and his team is now proposing to abolish “limbo” Is nothing scared? Clearly not for these mother fuckers as “nothing” is precisely what they are trying to abolish…

Aparently its only limbus infantium not limbus patrum - but still where will allthe feckers go that were there?

What if they were enjoying a bit of peace and quite?


Good bye limbo dancing in Temple Bar square, (Its in Dublin dudes!)
Jimi Cliff “sitting here in Limbo” and well all of Sunday afternoon pretty much the closest thing on earth to Limbo…

This will not stand!

Workers, peasants and all other socio economic groups unite and fight – The campaign for the retention of Limbo will now return to sitting here in



I will not fight for or against a fantasy. :sunglasses:

Let it stay far from me, inside the heads of its originator, and may it not virally spread.

Of course I’m taking the piss - but no that you mention it don’t most people waste a considerable amount of time fighting for or againist “spooks” and fantasies and could they be actually motivated to discover and fight for their real interests (OK some one wil tell me there are no undivided “subjects” or “real interests” - bring it on!)


Don’t all those aborted babies get to go to heaven now?

Have a heart guys.

Limbo: that great metaphysical departure lounge!

It was about time they started getting there flight schedules in order and only now are they considering flying out all the unbaptised babies and sending them to Heaven. It is has more to do with population control than Morality or Saving anyones soul per se… you see, Hell is over flowing with relatively decent people (and babies).

Get rid of Limbo!

What some consider to be the first psychological novel, “Tristram Shandy”(Sp.?) by Lawrence Stern (no relation to Howard?) tells of priests who inserted holy water into vaginas of pregnant women so that babies would be baptized just in case they were born dead! Calvin thought dead babies were going to hell. At least the Catholic tradition offers limbo.
Aw come on, moral police, give the babies and morally anbiguous among us just one last chance!

Wow, a new douche story.

You learn something new every day.

I hadn’t heard this, krossie. Are they shitcanning the idea completely, or are they just sending it to Limbo Limbo?

By the way, is Limbo up, or Limbo down?

It all depends on how high the bar is when you do the limbo rock. :smiley:

That explains why I have heard both, then.

In the days when Dante wrote comedy meant “all’s well that ends well”, not ho ho, hee hee. Remove limbo from “The Divine Comedy” and all that is left is the vitriol of revenge seekers. “Who will deliver me from this meddlesome priest?” (line from T.S. Eliot’s “Murder in the Cathedral”)
The king was taken literally. Ho ho, hee hee!
Can I keep my succubus? :smiley:

I’d have to limbo up intellectually to answer that - its the one for the unbaptised infants - ie not the bad adults - one posibility is that they want to rescue the fetueses for “pro life” campaigning

  • where are they going to go after they get outa there or do they “jump cut to heaven”- its worrying…


“In heaven all the interesting people are missing” F.N

… I m sure, they are in the Limbo thinking about their matter…as soon as the Vatican finish with their stupid ideas. -there are a lot of problem in the world to lose the time talking about the poor unbaptizes- Maybe they could be change the name of pulgatorio and called it Spiritual Spa center to obtain more faithfuls…

i could see Nietzsche digging this situation!