can a food taste like a color?

it’s time once again for my weekly useless post questioning something no one ever took the time to be bored enough to think of. well ok. not weekly. mainly whenever i feel like it. but that’s what mundane babble is for. at least until i get adminstrators screaming down my throat about it.


can a food taste like a color? for example, do nachos taste orange? or does broccoli taste like the shit green it really is? what do you think?

no, oranges taste orange…

and never having tasted green shi^, I could not say…

but yes, the appearance of the food does have an effect on the pallette


That would be a good question if we were all hallucinating.

Only overcooked broccoli is shit green, let me know if you need some cooking tips.

i think it can. the broken-down definition of taste is whatever the sense you get from eating something reminds you of. if eating something red reminds you of red, then it tastes red, right?