Can God print money?

Can God print money?

  • No
  • Yes, but he chooses not to
  • There is no God, so the question is not applicable
  • When Christians receive money due to some unexplained occurrence, they’ll say “God printed money”.
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I posted this question at
I was met with a wave of humorous & angry responses.
What does it say about Christians that they won’t take my question seriously?
What does it say about me that I find their responses humorous?

Of course he can. Just not on Sundays

I don’t take your question seriously.
It’s simply ridiculous in all befitting a cartoon strip.
It’s like asking what kind of aftershave God uses.

It is a bit of a silly question to be fair.

You should have asked if god could print money that cannot be effected by inflation. At least there would possibly be a discussion to be had.

Why hasn’t this been moved to mundane? Better yet, quarantine. :unamused:

Good point.

You didn’t include an option for “yes”. I thought athiests were supposed to be unbiased and reasonable and all that. Hmm…

If God can do anything, then he can print money that wouldn’t be affected by inflation. For example, he could cause a $1 bill to turn into a $2 bill if there were 100% inflation. It would be fairly simple for him if he can do anything.

I’ve said to you before that your questions about Christianity are childish. That still stands.

Good question… not :unamused:

I found a five dollar bill on the ground last week.

Did god leave it for me? :evilfun:

Why do you consider my questions childish?

I’m merely trying to learn more about the nature of God and what he can or cannot do. If I had intimate knowledge of Wagzazou-Banzer and you wanted to know more about Wagzazou-Banzer, I would not consider any questions you had to be childish. Nor would I consider any questions you asked to be stupid. And I would answer all your questions to the best of my ability. Most of the Christians I know are not willing to answer many of the questions I have about God.

I would not likely ask you if Wagzazou-Banzer could print money if I was genuinely interested in learning of him (or it or whatever). Nor would I ask what brand of toilet paper he uses, or if he could balance more than 4 bowling balls in one hand.
Christians aren’t as blind as you seem to think (and I use that term loosely).

My point is if Christians think God can do anything, then the question “can God print money?” would get a quick yes and that would be the end of it. But that’s not how it turns out. So it leads me to believe that Christians don’t really think God can do anything.

Who actually gives a shit about a god that can print money?
Is that what people need spiritual rest for? To feel relief that their god can print a piece of paper on a whim?

That’s right, it didn’t turn out that way. I answered your question, “Yes” but you wouldn’t buy it but just kept rambling on and on, proselytizing your doubt.

If God can print money then you should be able to explain how he does it.

If Christians claim that God can do anything, then they must believe that God can print money.

Fortunately truth isn’t contingent on my ability to explain it, else we would ALL be in serious poo.
But actually, I have explained it. You were just not listening.