Can I Collect Interest on Eternal Return?

If I set up a bank account with a really stable bank, one with a old charter and is very cautious and conservative about its loans, can I make a bank account capable of lasting the ages, and essentially collect a eternity worth of interest on it, then collect upon it in my next life when I go to start a account and they say I already have one, and I’m rich bitch!

Why does everyone want to be rich? along with penis size… it’s something that rarely crosses my mind.

How big do you want your penis to be?


Not mine, silly… yours/mens.

If women are wanting mates with big penises does that mean they have big holes to fill :confused:

I think taxes should be paid by Vaginal Cavities’ Max Volumnic Capacity versus the size of their mate’s Penis when Fully Erect.

Women can go to a gynecologist, have a balloon stuck in their pussy, and inflated, the end clipped firmly at the outer edge of the labia. This can be plastered over, to firm a container, that is filled with water.

The man sticks his erect cick in the water, pushing the water out. The remaining water is poured into a weigh machine, and your proportion of taxes as a joint couple is calculated from this. Guys able to fill their wives pay less, guys with smaller cocks (thus less displacement of water) relative their wives pussy size pay more. Lesbians pay the mist, as clits so little water. Gay guys can’t have money due to not being allowed to work, cause they don’t fuck pussy.

All the couples gave to wear badges that are color coded to show how well they are able to fill one another. Even if you have a big dick, but your wife is a whore who does horses, you can end up small size badge, as its by displacement column.

Bigger dicks, smaller pussies, everyone benefits. The evidence should be apparent so everyone knows at a glance what your situation is.

My plan is the most fair system of taxation ever developed, as guys unable to satisfy women spends a bunch of money on looking cool- clothes, fast cars, mansions… small dicks. Likewise, attractive women spend all their money from Gold Digging on their looks, or clothes, nice cars, etc. They fuck a lot of guts, get alit if Mardi Gras jewellery, if you know what I mean. End up with giant vaginas, well stretched.

Most of our money is going to waste on compensating for looking good, when our privates aren’t up to muster. Ron Jeremy doesn’t need a nice car, or a nice house… his dick is big. He is hairy and ugly, yet accepts looking uncool. Why? Cause he has a monster cock. He knows he can be in a relationship with any woman and keep her satiated. Those female pornstars, get paid so much more, and shock chairs and lamps in their vaginas all the time.

The more money you have to waste on looking cool or attractive, the more you can be taxed. Sick people dying of diseases who need cure research funded.

More divorce that occurs in our society, more residences that need occupied (split couples each with own hone), driving up costs. More greenhouse gases expended. More kids who turn to drugs and suicide attempts cause their parents no longer live each other and if negatively effects their self identification sexually and self worth.

But if people could tell at a glance if someone was in a bad relationship, causing stress, we as a society could quickly remedy this. Couples could split and remarry much faster at a earlier age, if not avoid a bad marriage all together, and the end result would be more stable relationships, a lot less marriage counseling, etc. We would have lower crime, from more secure families sticking together longer, and in time a lower tax threshold, so it results in smaller government.

Truely a Utopia would result from my plan.

No one would dare bitch about paying taxes again.