Can people stop writing so damn wordy.

Seriously, just stop. Im not reading your walls of text so you can feel like the winner of the noble prize.

Talk like an American, a fucking American. We dominate this world and have bases on every corner of it for a reason.

If I want to read, I’ll read shakespeare, not this nerd crap.

Just keep it short and simple, without all that wordy pedantic BULLSHIT.

Its like reading through lines of code for no damn reason…keep your code short and sweet.

I am so sick of this nerd prose on this website.


On the other hand, you could up your game.

Fuck you, Im not wasting my energies to read peoples stupid and boring posts.

You havent been here for 4 years, you have no idea how repetitive this shit is. Each post “looks” different, on the surface…

Sure I do, I was here for about yowch, 6 or 7 years maybe…? On and off. There are only so many questions laymen can tackle, or hope for an audience for on the net. Of course they get repeated.

I come/came here to practice my English tbh. In daily life here, I speak another language usually, and after a long enough time, I notice my native English gets a bit meh, clunky. Philosphy-ese is perfect for practicing complex sentence construction, phrasing and exotic vocabulary.

It’s quite fun sometimes too, if you get over the whole “Whoo boy this is some serious shit” schtick. And ofc. sometimes you meet someone who actually says interesting things, not often enough, but still.

If your skilled like I am, you can write violating every rule, yet finding a rule that allows you to do so.

I just wrote a sentence that violated the double negative rule yesterday to Arc, yet it was completely correct. I loved it… Looked it over five times, completely right, yet violated the rule. Take that Faust.

I can’t say that I wasn’t moved to tears by your obvious erudition in syntax.

Lol. Do you know any other languages…? Turkish has perfectly gramatic double negatives all over the place.

I know very little, we had a Turkish cafe in Alaska (weird, I know, ran by the Turkish CNN reporter early in the Iraq war under bush.)

Most of it revolves around pronosticating the future out of my coffee. Newsflash, the fucker was always wrong.

The Greeks here are from Asia minor, like Chios and Smyrna, so I probably know a few words not really spoken in your area anymore, but really wouldn’t know it offhand.

I more or less wouldn’t step foot in Turkey with Erdogan in power though. Only was interested in two Ottoman poets, but have a deep love for the Byzantine era. Only know a handful of modern Turks, more recent of course being Gulen. A Tale of Four Dervishes (Jack London made a funny adaptation with one armed hobos drinking rubbing alcohol based on that story.)

once the wars die down, democracy returns, everyone mellows out, I was to see the Hagia Sophia, the Theodosian walls, Gobekli Tepe, some of the old temple complexes in Cappadocia, the underground cities, the roman ruins in Bithnia, take the bus to Kurdish Iraq, vusit the old Mittani sites.

Yea, actually, the country is fairly business as usual on the west coast and the tourist resorts. European/US news are being their usual inflatory selves with regard to the risks. Where I live life goes on as usual. I wouldn’t want to run foul of the law atm. though my nationality would protect me to an extent. Anyway.

Gobekli Tepe (trans. roughly “belly hill” or “hill with a belly”) is amazing. My wife visited a couple of years ago. Makes me crazy, this country is astoundingly rich in archeological sites and relics, and mainly all of it is very poorly managed. They’d make a fortune if they auctioned off the rights to research any given area to foreign institutes.

Tbh. If you have the money, and the desire, I would hop on a plane and visit all the sites in this country you want to see in about a month, after the period of emergency powers ends, if it’s not extended. Before the end of the year at least. The man at the top is bent on increasing his grip, and prolonging his stay, not calming down and stepping back.

Kaboom wise, Istanbul and Ankara are your hotspots. The ayasophia is definitely worth a look, but going anywhere near the Kurdish enclaves is risking a wee bit of kidnapping I fear.

No, I follow a few Turkish English sites, this is a very bad time to visit. Kurds are marketing western white faces, refugees are everywhere, and ergogans troops won’t hesitate to shoot me, claiming it was a rebel.

It is business as usually cause your integrated in a sleepy metro area. I am not stepping foot in Turkey. Im not ignorant on what is going on… Ive been shot at and bombed in the past, I learned I do not like it.

Meh. :smiley: I’ll keep the bed in the guest bedroom turned down, just in case you change your mind.

You got a real toilet, or a squat toilet in a closet with clothes hanging above them?

There was a building on my base in Iraq next to the power plant (100 yards away)… by power plant I mean Iraq’s power plant, not just my base… and we officially labeled it “the crack house”… cause it was where Saddam’s guards lived… place regularly filled with smoke from the power plant.

I found the junction box to it, and it was sparkly, so didn’t want to touch it… I didn’t know about electricity back then, how to fix things yet. So I had a bright idea to get a bucket and throw water on it, and maybe that will fix it.

I really should of died, that was a very stupid idea… damn thing exploded in a giant arc of electricity… I was “smart” enough to stand at a angle to it, do it didn’t hit me.

Got one damn room in the place running 220 volts normally (still a tax bit sparkly) and I started collecting random furniture and found a giant white tiger throw rug… two beds, with mattresses, a stand alone air conditioner, etc… so started hanging out there, as a lot of guys refused to enter, despite it being on in our base thinking a ambush was in there… just me playing video games… but I made sure everything was blacked out in the windows, and hallway was creepy and collapsed as fuck, not warranting exploration without needing a tetanus shot… would undoubtedly came as a complete shock to anyone opening that door… a real WTF moment.

I always had to piss given how much water I was drinking, and didn’t want to go outside and be seen, even at night. So I found a closet with a hole in it, and was exploding, and pissed in it. I kept doing it, peeing in it. Had bats above it to hang clothes, so I held onto that while pissing and leaning.

When we got special forces stationed to our base, they took over my crack house (long since pilfered of it’s goods). Turns out that hole I was pissing into was a middle eastern toilet built into a closet!

I only saw a handful of them, internal plumbing isntbreal popular with the Iraqis. They carried water, pudding and shitting everywhere. I don’t want to squat and shit, but use a freedom toilet I can sit comfortably on, and wipe with bona ride, patriotic toilet paper… No water sodomizing my ass, no water butter and scrub brush I carry with me…

Just want a fucking, real toilet. I will piss in or on anything, but will not squat to poop. You gotta have like, ropes and stuff I can hold onto so I don’t fall. My knee sucks.

Lol. We even have a jaccuzi mate. Though you might have to beat the camel out of the bathroom. And no top floor shenanigans, that’s where my harem hangs out, wearing thongs and exotic fruit.

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Yours truly,
Modern Man.

Is he a happy modern man…?

well, duh, incredibly…technological advancements …flesh lights …duhhh…but granted he needs some acne cream. duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

And did he really write that…?

I would say that’s pretty low on the priority list of what he needs. Is that mold growing on his face?