Can Philosophers be Lawyers?

I’m 17 years old, and pretty I’ve taken the more difficult route at every step of the way. I’ve been challenging myself in academics and extracirriculars from about 2nd grade on. So yes, it is in my nature to seek challenge.

Point well taken. I hear you.

Eh, not exactly. I really want to pursue my dreams, but I also want to make sure I have a fall back position in case my dreams don’t pan out.

I’m planning on pursuing my neuroscience with full force in college. I’ve been working on a cellular neuroscience project at my high school for 1 year, and will continue that. I want to get started on more cognitive neuroscience research sophomore or junior year of college, once I’ve learned the essentials of the subject and once the professors know me and trust me enough to get in the lab, on my own.

Law/philosophy is something I’m interested in, just not my PASSION. The point of this thread is to gather some info to see whether a philosophy major is a viable option for law school, should I abandon the cognition research path for any reason.

I’m a senior in high school, it’s imperative to keep my options open. It’s also important to know just what those options are.

A large income does not necessarily mean happiness for me. In order to make it through to become a neuroscience researcher, I need to make it through undergrad successfully (preferably at an Ivy League or Ivy-esque institution), then get a Ph.D. I’d then have to work very hard and for little pay as I slowly gain experience and credibility in my field. I wouldn’t get much money for a long time as a cognitive neuroscientist. But I’d have enough to live on, after the first couple years after grad school.

The reason I see law as an appropriate plan B is because lawyers can have an effect on society. They serve important functions, from negotiating business disputes, to trying criminals, to potentially influencing legislation.

I don’t care about the money so much (a middle class income would serve me just fine), it’s more about the influence I’d have. I don’t want to make burritos for people, I want to somehow change the world. That’s what would make me happy. I need to be a mover and a shaker, not an urban gypsy.

You can change the world and not be a lawyer or cognitive neuroscientist also.

urban gypsies also contribute to changing the world.

good luck, hope you get some groovy memories along the way.