can subjective thinking question its own thinking ?

can the subjective question whether the subjective is actually true ?

in the sense that our world and Universe is subjective , created by us


I didn’t get the memo. The world is created by us?


progress , there was a time when people thought that we created the Universe

There was? What time was that?

What do you mean by true?

Is the pain I feel when I cut myself truth?
I dont know. I can see it is real - to me.
That is true.

It is true that what we experience is what we experience.

What does this say about the construction of the world? Not much - though it says a lot about what we can know of this construction.

There is no person there asking that question. There is one thing: thought. Thought splits itself in two creating the illusion of subject and object.

You cannot separate yourself from thought and look at it. All you have is thought about thought.

When? Who?

I believe that everything is ultimately subjective because any information you process and any conclusion you come to is rationalized by your own mind and perspective. Everything is relative.

hmmm… this seems to be a question i instinctively wish to approach from separate angles simultaneously, which is not my typical approach… :smiley: thanks for the thought experiment

i do not agree that we create our own world, i think that is a state that humans cannot achieve, so to attack the question as if i do create my own world (completely) seems a bit odd

i think we largely perceive our world and have little control over that

are we talking about an entity questioning its own thoughts? or existence? or is this entity questioning the question its currently engaged in? (questioning questioning)

i’ll be brave and say that its possible, at least insofar as that the subjective is not clearly defined

i find myself having trouble not objectifying the subjective

to define the subjective seems to be objectifying it

but if we reflect upon the transience of this ‘subjective entity’… the questioning the question seems to become meaningless… as the entity is not the same, neither is the question

just thinking out loud again

it can question, I mean, you did, but can it answer correctly?

should it?

I think that by having ‘subjective thinking’ and ‘the subjective’ both appear as the concept around which the question is based people are conflating notions of Subjectivism and being a bounded subject.

Also Subjectivism is not, necessarily, against objective or external conditions of truth, it just accords primacy to the subject - a position that can be pushed to different degrees and is not necessarily a Metaphysical claim.

do you mean morally?

It could, but not in any objective sense.

On the other hand, there could be nothing more objective to us than the subjective experience of experience.