Can the CCP be "Canceled"???

The Chinese Communist Party backs Russia and runs propaganda on their behalf: … 24548.html

While the US Liberal-Left-Democrat Deep State Establishment attempts to ‘cancel’ Russia everywhere on the internet, sanction, and extend their Censoring power to its fullest extent—they are rebuked by their True Masters whom they serve. The CCP already bought-out these traitorous and treasonous scumbags (just look at ILP Communists & Nazis). So the CCP is impune from being “Canceled” by the Leftists. This demonstrates where peoples’ loyalties truly lies—not to the US, not to the Constitution, not to the American people!

While Russia remains in China’s protection, there will be no true nor severe retaliation for Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In fact, if Putin succeeds and takes Kyiv, then the world most certainly see an invasion of Taiwan next.

What will the Treasonous, Traitorous Establishment do then?

Cancel their Masters?

Cancel their Paychecks?

Cancel the Billions of dollars of bribes and blood-money in their pockets?

Scanned the article.

The Chinese papers aren’t rebroadcasting any propaganda, they are just relating actual facts about the invasion that are being non-personed in the west.

China and Russia are enemies. This does not mean they are retarded.

When Europe decided it would make a move on Ukraine, it counted on the US, not on China. It’s alliance with China has more to do with administrative practices including central planning things and social credit type schemes, as well as a general undermining of Republican confidence and brainwashing of those too weak to be Republican.

In specific strategic terms, China was not involved.

And China is wise enough not to confuse contingent joint efforts with some kind of over-arching unanimity.

Don’t forget that the Chinese see themselves as plainly superior to all else, and the Europeans as idiot puppets.

They also don’t need ownership of all of Europe. They realize that you have to administer what you own, and that is expensive in more ways than one.

China and Russia are allies: … ns-for-u-s

The Sino-Russian Alliance is more powerful and stable than the US & NATO, because US is in steep global debt that cannot be repaid except through massive inflation that would completely destroy and gut Western economies.

Only Russia, China, and India would come out ahead when the banks collapse, and they will.

Lol no they are not.

They are smart enough tor ecognize alligned interests where they exist though.

Realize that the Uigur subjugation was a move against Russia. Muslim populations of the far East are loyal to Russia, because Russia is the only political entity able to administer sane muslim populations.

There’s a plethora of articles that detail the Sino-Rus alliance, Pedro, you’re behind the information here. It doesn’t take too much searching to find info about their pacts.

But this is off-topic.

Can the CCP be Canceled??? Yes/No?

Lol no. Even if such a thing existed, it would not be.

However bad the US may be doing, China is much worse.

Banks will not collapse. China would have come out ahead if Russia had not made its move. But only in terms of a slightly improved margin vis a vis the US and Russia.

As any student of history well knows, pacts do not an alliance make.

No, but nobody wants to anyway.

I should correct, *with the possible exception of European banks.

If Putin takes Kyiv, the West will be put into that exact situation…whether CCP can be “canceled”, and whether Western hysterical propaganda can destroy the Great Firewall of China…

However, thanks to propaganda and misinformation, it’s difficult to determine how the Ukraine invasion is faring right now.

Also there’s much talk of nuclear strikes, so it’s not out-of-the-question, which is exponentially dangerous.

I don’t think so…CCP bought-off the Biden Administration through a $1bil Equity deal.

They’re in a superior position than USA and most of the world, right now. But, Western Politicians are snakes and backstabbers, so $1bil doesn’t go very far, in the end.

It’s not so much an invasion as a formal taking posession.

The Euro-Chinese axis was getting too powerful and too well-poised for the coming recession, so Russia balanced the scales.

There’s nothing actually momentous going on, Europe is just trying to make the best out of a bad situation with a rushed propaganda effort.

Just positions being staked for this new stage of the game.

1 billion is nothing, both China and the US deal with trillions, and the US’s trillions are considerably stronger than China’s. By a country mile.

Do you believe China will invade Taiwan and if yes then when?

It’s not in the grand scheme, but it’s a big something in one of these Washington DC scumbag’s eyes…

The DC politicians try to out-do each other in bribes and corruption, which is what Biden and his crime family is all about.

Europe made a move on Ukraine, thus Russia, partially backed by China, counting on the US.

The US under Trump pulled the rug from under them, and the situation backfired. Now Russia is more firmly and safely established than before Europe made its grab.

Of course they will kick and scream. But in the end, they will have to like it. They will have more than enough to deal with with the collapse of their banks.

Of course not, never.

They will do what they allways do, slowly build relationships and tighten their control over it.

Taiwan is a money maker, why ever would you disrupt it?