Can their be a good argument Against God?

I have yet to see one… I’ve listened to things like , where atheist have debated theist, and the atheist, or at least the ones i’ve heard aren’t articulate, and are always making faults in their arguments, and I ask myself why? This atheist is a plasma physicist, so on, but he’s a moron when it comes to religion, why? Well he’s never been an apologetist.

I feel if God doesn’t exist, how in the world can you make a good argument against such a thing? The bible? Have yet to hear a good argument against, I guess I could see one that could be made, but none have yet been made, only misconceptions, faulty straw mans, and out of context versus that are supposed to contradict and don’t.

I’m not saying I’m right here but this is based on my experience. These atheist i’ve heard are just like you, they give excuses like God can’t exist because cancer exists.

You see my roommate is atheist and he thinks atheist who debate are stupid. He just chooses to say he simply does not believe because the universe is so vast and defies logic many times, such as the universe is expanding, but what is it expanding in? Something lasted forever, but can we imagine this? These questions are struggles for both sides, we don’t know. However, I believe Christianity has one fundamental principle on which it rest, Christ. My atheist roommate even believes Christ existed, heck we have the evidence. Whether he rose again on the third day or not is just belief, but if he did my friends, you better hope it’s your belief.

Club29, why, oh why, are you so obsessed with atheism?

It’s not atheism that’s the big threat to Christianity. Atheism can’t offer what Christianity does. It’s free-thinking religion. It’s the New Age. It’s Neopaganism. It’s Gnosticism. It’s Eastern religion.

It’s not atheists you need to be worried about, buddy. It’s people like me.

Burden of proof lays on the theist not on the atheist.

But answer me this anyways:
Is the possibility that God could exist evidence enough that God does exist?
Let me clear it up a bit. There is a possibility for every sort of imaginary thing , but there the probability for such are low or close to zero.
From inside human logic:
If god exists then he is subject to the flaws of existing. Existence is flawed.
Existence cannot be perfect. If god exists, then he is not omnipotent. No dilemma so far because a God can be imperfect and still be able to bring existence from nothingness, but not THE god. Only an omnipotent being could
explain for creating itself. So, how can god be omnipotent and be?
An apologetic counter-argument to this is that this is all within human logic, and god could exist within his own logic, which would be perfect, off course.
Fine. The possibility for the existence of god is possible, but under the
following condition:
–God can both exist and be responsible for the creation of everything, including himself, outside of human logic.

This begs the question, or rather the answer:
The god you know and love so much is not “THE god”, because “THE GOD” cannot be perceived.

Off course, even this type of logic against GOD can have ways around it, because a negative cannot be proven. So, even with this logic, God will find a way to exist in people’s minds, under different circumstances.

…or bored or maybe just a little anti theist.

I believe that is a logical fallacy, you’ll have to explain why existence is inherently flawed before you can use this.

Good luck with that.

i agree. the only reason i ever debate theology is when im really pissed off because some asshole said something insulting about how im not moral enough or some stupid shit. bitches…

the most frustrating thing for an atheist is to debate theology.

anyway… there are plenty of decent arguements against theism regardless of what group it comes from. clearly christianity as we knew it is dead. the only christians i see find their identity in other things. the majority of people in general are at least willing to follow the social contract that is the american legal system or whatever more strictly than christianity. unless theyre radicals or fanatics but then theyre not “christians” or whatever theistic group theyre radicals or fanatics. i dont see any christians strictly following the words of jesus. if they were there would be a lot of blind amputees (see sermon on the mount). so as far as im concerned not even the theists are totally convinced of their beliefs. so to answer the question… are there any good arguements against theism? the answer is of course. everyone has an opinion. beyond that though… theists wouldnt give a shit if god was proven not to exist anyway. hence this entire thread is a complete waste of time for everyone.

Because to exist is to be observed, however indirectly, by moi, so God is dependent on me observing him. Sucka. Existance is flawed because it implies non-existance. I don’t know why, but I’m sure a case could be made.

Let’s talk about a good argument against my God, compared to your God. I say that my God created the universe also, but, he did not create things like angels, and later in life, he had a sex-change. During the operation, his ex-wife created the angels, and she’s less powerful that him. She also inspired the bible, etc.


A few new twists, but it’s the same old, all-mighty, transcendant God, which can transcend all kinds of stuff, and choses not to reveal himself to anyone other than his chosen people.

All existence is subject to change. Because all existence is a subject to change, and change is an indicator of instability, and instability implies at least the subject in question is not perfect, I can then conclude with this line of logic that God cannot both exist and be omnipotent.

What do you have when you exclude Jesus?

You see this is what you all miss, Jesus. This is why Christianity can stand alone.

Who are “we all”?

Woah woah woah, before I go further please inform me on how existence is flawed.

You see I see many atheist arguments that are just debating tactics and tricks, but they are fallacies. Such as asking a question and asking for a yes or no, “does your mom know your stupid?” yes, you are and your mom knows, no your mom doesn’t know but your still stupid, and “i don’t know” means your too stupid to understand the question, it’s inescapable.

Many of you never read the bible, you base everything off a misconception, thats where your problem lies. I’m not saying the bible is an easy read by any means, but if your out to dislike it, you will misunderstand it.

Anyone with another spiritual belief. Without Jesus we have nothing. So then what about the other religions…

You have spiritual belief. Therefore, you miss jesus.

There you go again, now your going so far out on the limb of logical fallacy that you can’t get back. How does any change always lead to instability?

Answer, it doesn’t. You need to stop now before you dig too deep.

Google logical fallacys and read.

You don’t even know what a logical fallacy is, do you daddy? Also, he wrote that change is an indicator of, not that it leads to instability. Also, instability in this sense means not being the same.

No, my religion includes Jesus, Christianity includes Jesus, you should know this.

Here’s what you said:

  1. The group “You all” consists of anyone with spiritual belief.
  2. Everyone in the group “you all” misses jesus.

Conclusion: You are in the group “you all”, so you miss jesus.

Don’t tell me that I misinterpreted your logic, fix the logic so that it wont be misinterpreted.

“Anyone with another spiritual belief”, please don’t treat me like biblical text, read.

there is no god. you are god looking at your own face.