Can there be a "just war"

Can there be such a thing as a “just war”, or is a “just war” necessarily an oxymoronic concept, like a round sqare? Are there times where war is not only justifiable but desirable for the good of a society?

I would imagine WWII probably contains the best arguments in favor of a just or even desirable war, and the Spanish-American war perhaps the opposite. I won’t comment on Iraq… . yet.

It’s the same question as, is self-defense justifiable, or, is it justifiable to defend someone else?

Just to who?

Anything can be “just”, because we can call anything “just”.
We can also call anything a “cat”.

People descided that only certain things are cats.
They have to look and feel a certain generalized way.
Likewise a just thing has to have some abstract necessitation associated with it.

All of that is meaningless.

i believe violence can bring justice, so i suppose by extension there can be a just war

but there are those to whom nature is not inherently violent, i can’t speak for them

Following Dan~'s cue - has anyone who has ever started a war thought their actions unjust?

Mebbe, but I doubt it.

Fur, a tail, ears, of a specific type, are all part of catness, or can be a part of catness.

Likewise pride, that which arises by some degree of difficulty suffer or loss,
authoritative agreement, ideals, can be a part of justness.

The -ness of a generalization which is a word,
is itself a web of many other types of generalizations.

The generalizations associated with the concept of “just”, when reduced enough,
are basically emotions. Feelings, motivations, the Will.

The sophism which riles Will, is justification.
Without rileing Will, there could be no war because there would be no motive.

Justification is very much a part of war.

I see justice and honor as useful bullshit,
but they can result in any numer of negative or positive things.

Contradiction alert.

Justice is required to define the negative/positive dichotomy.

Faulty logic alert.

Only if they are positive or negative in terms of justice. They could be either by entirely different criteria.

If you see a contradiction in that, then fine.

A just war? A justified war?

to answer that one must consider that war is always just or justified because it betters the world as a whole. like a clensing of the lesser evolved, war wipes out all the apes to make room for the clothed clean shaven men with guns. who from where the world right now stands are more evolved. so in sumation war is evolution.

if there is no peace there is just war…

“only the dead know peace” -plato


Large amounts of death dont enhance a species.

Anything can be anything, including just or unjust, pie or hole, if their only reference/reality is their own subjectivity.

So my question for them is, if what they say only has any meaning for them, why are they posting it here? Either they have not thought their position through, or they’re anarchists.

That wasn’t my question. My point is not that we cannot determine the answer, but that wars have at least two sides, and so the answer may be different for each of those two sides. That’s painefully common sense.

It’s possible to take a more “objective” viewpoint than that of the first person perspective of the people who actually started the war - even though none of us were responsible for starting viet nam, we can still pass meaningful and useful judgements about whether or not it was a just war - justice is usually a consensus value, so just because the person who instigates the violence thinks s/he has justification that doesn’t necessarily make it a just war . . .

But it’s not a single consensus, is my point. It’s usually two.

It’s ironic that I am accused of being too subjective, when others think there isn’t more than one point of view that’s legitimate.

Someone here brought up WWII as being a possible just war. So, the Japanese were being just when they attacked Pearl Harbor? The Nazis were acting justly?

That’s my point.

The OP is politics, whether the author is aware of that or not.

sometimes war is necessary, but is never fair to all.