Can we tell the gender of ILP posters from the things said?

I think there is a possibility, solely from the things said and the manner things were said.

So apart from those who have revealed their gender in words or in their avatar, or posted pictures of themselves, this is what I think:Females: Pinnacle of Reason, Ucciscore, Sagesound, Dust of the Earth, scythekain, FtheNaysayers, Poiesis

Males: Futureman, gavtmcc, Aquarian, zenofella, xanderman, drummerdudext, Monooq, Membrain, arendt, OxfordBrookesWill, My Real Name, Zen SwashbucklerThere are some I am not sure, eg Impenitent.

Well of course I stand to be corrected … :laughing:

i guarantee you PoR and Sagesound aren’t female …but its funny you put them there.

Ok. So what gender am I? :smiley:

Oh yeah. I already told everybody. Crap.

Seconded. :smiley:

And I’d be flabbergasted if arendt is a dude… less so but still surprised if Uccisore and scythekain are not.

[size=59]I’m not going to brag or anything, (I’m pretty humble actually), but everytime my woman and I have had sex, she has an orgasm, (no shitting), and that says alot about my sexual prowess… at least that’s what I think when she screams FUCK! :wink: [/size]

Last I looked, I had a dick, unless there’s a sex change that no one told me about.
Hold on, let me check something…yup, I even have the balls too!

You stand to be corrected, and so you are! The question I have for you is,
[size=150]what the hell gave you the impression that I was a chick?[/size]

If it makes you feel better, Sagesound, I thought you were a guy.

And Arendt is female.

Uccisore is male.

Scythecain (sp?)… I think he’s male.

Imp is male.

The rest I either agree w/ you on, or haven’t read enough of their posts to know for sure.

:laughing: errr … maybe the way you argue? as they matched my experiences of arguing with a woman …

I think this exercise is interesting as it reveals both myself in the way I perceived the role of gender in things said, and it is also a reflection of how you come across …

Now if I was wrong 50% of the time in the female category and 50% in the male category, then there is no evidence to support that there is any correlation at all. But apparently I am doing better than 50% at least in the male category. That can be explained by there being more males here on this forum, but I guessed I have to argue more with females … :smiley:


you just got lucky with me, i know a bunch of girls that are just as annoying/obnoxious/smart/dominant/stubborn/narcisistic/uncaring/etc.

LOL. I am very much a female. But funny, since I was a freshman (Liberal Studies) I’ve only read male writers/philosophers/authors. Accident maybe. But they were my influence in writing anything. Dunno. But this is not the first time that I’ve been mistaken for a male, solely for the way I write. :blush: :stuck_out_tongue:

Btw, I also think that Uccisore is a female.

I could never tell if Trix was male or female, hell who knows, maybe it is both.

You are right about me, chanbengchin :slight_smile:



Yes, it does make me feel better, as it is coming from our favorite trademarked superwoman of the forums… :slight_smile:

sweet, i am the manliest of the men.

pretty sure skythe is a man. and all the christian religious faithful are females (edit- oh except gav) in your original post. yeah i agree its kind of a girly tendency

Oh come now, your name signifies you as a man, and you have that picture of some dude who I’d like to think is Ben Franklin.

I’m honestly truly scared to ask this, considering I just know all of you will now automatically say I’m a female----just because I asked.

…but, where on the list do I fall? :confused:


BMW- GUY !!! perhaps? :wink:

Maybe he thinks you’re a metrosexual?

hmmm, do I fall into this group or not?