Can You be a Christian and a Obama Worshipper?

Christianity has a long history, and we have in our background resistence to Roman Imperial Cults of Emperor Worship.

American history is full of hero worship, we literally built a temple for Abraham Lincoln after his assassination, the Lincoln Memorial, but that was for a dead man who managed to unite the country where by every other account we should of failed, defending the constitution and our union.

We exist in very different circumstances today. Abraham Lincoln wasn’t worshipped while he was alived, but his memory and legacy was once he was lost. He was still in the eyes of all One Man Under God, in a nation that was indivisible.

Today, we’ve grown a deeply disturbing cult of presidential worship, not to dissimilar to what happens in the third world, in Venezuela, Cuba, Mozambique. A generation ago, such a state of affairs would of been impossible to imagine, unthinkable- we were the heartland of democracy. We’ve become intellectually little more than a few scattered, intellectually dissociative mobs electing paralell govenments that interact little, and agree less- when one mob faction gains ascendency, the bureaucracy of the other burrows into the mass of our ever growing and dysfunctional institutions, emerging for a time to wreck havoc on the previous government’s plans. We have two major world governments operating within the space meant for at best half of one, by the nature of our limiting design.

Obama’s gotten alot of support in becoming much as the Roman Emperor Gods before him, a Messiah for his factions. They are hypnotic, mesmerized in accepting his views without su much as a thought as to long term consequences to their collective actions. They become defensive on a ‘communitarian level’ when the astemic faults in society… be it from crime, overspending, or culture that leads to society wide distabalization and criminal recidivism, by declaring class or racial antagonism- and disturbingly in ‘defending’ classes and races they are NOT members of. It’s one thing to be called out by black community leaders in poor neighborhoods to the plight of their situation… it deserves attention, it’s another to take it from the Rich Whites who are NOT of that race or community, who wouldn’t be caught alive in such places outside of solidarity activism, who in many cases are the only real paracites in that region any real harm to the black population can be traced back to them, calling out other blocs who disagree with them on ANY ISSUE, EVEN IF IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH RACE OR CLASS, as racist or bigomists, chauvenist… select any oldstyle Soviet catchphrase… they haven’t updated their propaganda books in over a generation, and desperately need to do so.

It’s a faction Obama draw hls support from the most, and it’s his most crucial. It’s utterly devorced from reality… it’s either a isolated, landed society… or a population that never really had much in the first place. It’s plebians worship just as gratefully for the self identification as it’s masters worship Obama for the feeling of sectarian power. But’s it’s only a feeling… it has NO REALITY beyond the effects of joint worship of this common idol. Our nations poor communities have been hit harder than any era since the Great Depression- which a very similar scheme was inacted (but never brought to Emperor Worship thankfully, as Roosevelt honestly did seek to enact social programs with real, tangible effects other than just a economic tailspin into insolvency, which is all Obama has achieved).

I find it desturbing that his strongholds are based around cities, combinations of Ghetto Populations in absolute dependency- hating every characteristic of the rich population that surrounds it, with no real choice but to vote as a bloc, or lose their state funded housing and access to poorly paid, subsidized jobs… but accept the people that antagonizes them locally for their party leadership. They just break it up into racial or class sects within the party. They have very little in common.

Alot of our national crime comes from these hovels, and it spreads organized over several outlying states. Even here in far away west virginia… we’re hit by Chigago’s gangs pretty hard, several states away.

Nothing in the way of caring from the government. Nothing in the way of tangible results, not a hint of jobs. Just stagnation at best, but usually across the country decline. But we have Obama Worship!
Isn’t this wonderful… the country is going to hell… formerally middle class people have been living in tent communities, raided without mercy by cops… a angry, neglected population, but a far left population of holligan Occupy Wallstreet Protestors get to sit in the middle of city parks, joyfully harrassing and doing drugs in plain site… because Obama isn’t threatened by them, thinks he can exploit them, add them to his cult. Most every group has systemmatically devoled into it’s naturally disorganized and confused origins… I know most of the members of the longest running camp in America in Hawaii, and they get by largely because Hawaii- Obama’s Home state, has a massive homeless population in the first place, and their encampment is smaller than most, and half a block away form the main police station. They don’t worship him- unlike many other locations, and survived. The rest just sorta blended into the establishment, however high and low… and bow down now to Obama’s cult.

We look at the Christian myths we’ve carried… from Christ’s non-attachment and near indifference to government, to the book of revelations warning us to beware of too good to be true christian rulers- written from a era when christians were a persecuted, underground minority… I ask what’s the justification Christians can have in Emperor Worship to a deeply undeserving president? He’s not the great uniter he claims to be- no other President since the civil war has been a greater Great Divider. He hasn’t done shit for our road systems- they are being repaired at from what I’ve seen even more lethargically than in the past. Our international trade has suffered, our international alliances have been sidelined at best- either we actively lead NATO or we get out all together, it’s too much of a money drain to half ass and neglect. We keep ending up in fascinating wars- such as Libya- which made no damn sense… now our allies are fighting elements of that fallout across north africa, and the dynasty may likely in the long term reestablish itself it if can continue to resist NATO and Arab Union hits all the while surviving, it’s not uncommon for fallen dynasties to return, and we’re giving them experience in resisting out tactical synthesis daily. It’s dangerous in the long term to leave such loose ends untied. Militarily, we’re back to the Clinton Era defense, allowing the terrorist to bomb us with little in the way of repercussions.

Honestly- if he takes a military standpoint, he needs to be consistent and adept, competent- streamline it with consistent policies. He doesn’t, it’s blantant havoc from neglect and indifference on his part. If he takes a more isolationist or pacifistic approach, then just get our people out of the region all together, army and civiliam workers. He doesn’t. It’s because he simple doesn’t care- it’s not a matter that concerns him. Foreign policy doesn’t concern him much at all. He’s not a president concerned with foreign policy.

If he was concerned with economics… he would either study the roots of how wealth actually is generated… asking ‘what is money, and how can we get stronger, larger quanties to more people responsibly and rationally’ and would pursue that course. Such as shoreing up irresponsible investing houses’ policies, or paying more attention to the Operations of the Federal Reserve domestically and internationally. He doesn’t appear to be doing either, suggesting Capitalism isn’t his cup of tea. Fine… so be it. Let’s say he’s a socialist… what could a responsible socialist do? Wise ideas come to mind- a sound, rational, and consistent reorganization of society compensating for capitalism’s failures. We know there was a massive mortgage collapse, and the housing market went to shit. We also know there was a massive bank bailout, with houses who’s failed in their mortgage taken for their book value to supliment the banks. Obama had a fantastic chance… I’ll bail out out, in return, you’ll compensate us in these houses, and we’ll put up the poor or dispossessed.

Not one iota of effort here. If you were chronically renting, or homeless, the government didn’t give you any houses. Not the federal government at least, local and perhaps state, but not the federal. If you needed a car… and only could afford a used one, you couldn’t get a car, despite the government doing a massive buyout in the ‘cash for clunkers’ scheme. The poor got screwed over hard in that one… the market got glutted, and now cars are more expensive. The only real value those cars had once the government took them was in their scrap value in using parts from them into other cars, maintaining life span. He made sure to destroy the engines, causing the durability of the cars down, increasing dramatically their life time carbon footprint (anyone who lives outside of a steel mill knows how hard it is to make steel pollution wise, the longer the lifespan of the metals before recycling, the less polution). Now we have alot of sludge in the ground and fumes in the air from that- it hurt the poor as much as the enviroment, thank’s Obama!

My favorite anti-socialist stumble on his part is NOT TAKING ADVANTAGE OF OUR INTELLIGENCIA! We had a massive economic collapse, if he was serious about socialism, and of the role of a president, he could of exploited the situation in exchanging from these heavily indebted organizations we bailed out- our financial and industrial sectors, and exchanged intellectual time for some of the debt. Get the banks together- ask them to come up with a realistic plan for how socialism would work in America, given your the best of our minds in economics, in exchange for a realistic, thought provoking inquiry, we’ll but several million off your debt to us. That’s the most rational thing TO DO if your a socialist and you have your top economic minds groveling to you… exploit that debt, and look responsible in doing so. They could of came up with a decent plan that could of one over a great many economists in rethinking the paradigm instead of this Insanity March, a parade of pure, aimless mayhem that we now have. Nothing is comming from this except failure and bancruptcy. We can print out money ONLY for our internal debtors, our foreign ones aren’t going to accept money that themselves can’t realistically trade on foreign markets. Our monopoly money is becoming increasingly useless as people turn less and less to our goods, our international assets can become targets of nationalization and court seizure to pay off our nations debts. Imagine Microsoft or Apple loosing it’s Chinese Factories because the US or California defaults and can’t find a acceptible way to pay them back… it’s completely justified for them to do so, we took out a Trillions in loans from them over the years.

So Obama isn’t a Socialist or a Capitalist as far as we can see. He preaches the lines, but the results never arive. There is no trickle down effect.

So we’ve marked off Foreign Policy, Economics… Domestic Leadership he’s utterly inneffective in, being The Great Divider.

So what we we left with? A President that makes you fell good? About what? How? There is no moral victory in destroying ourselves in the process of revenge… I am telling you now, every person on this website has more wealth than me, more possessions, and a larger carbon footprint… and I don’t hate you for it, nor place myself in a category that demands more for myself, nor despise you for your mild at best pollution. The Sun God isn’t going to strike me down by drowning the penguins in Antartica- the icecaps have been melting for over ten thousand years since the end of the iceage. It wasn’t neolithic flint lapping that caused the melting, nor bronze age metalworking. We’ve lost all sign and site of consequential structure… their is no sin debt to be sought or found here.

The only thing I can remotely detect is a love for the enviroment. Yes, not through his own lifestyle change, but the Cult of the Angry Sun is a cult he’s very happy to support as a minor diety in his parthenon of righteousness and correctness. I don’t see much success here outside of blocking economic development where he can. We’ve seen the economic results on private lands in North Dakota drilling for energy supplies- the state is the only one econoically booming, and he can’t stop it. He can stop it interstate gleefully, offshore, etc. Has no problem blasing half of Canada and Mexico into worst enviromental disaster… just so long as it keeps his consistuents mesmorized and content, he’s good.

So… I don’t see where he qualifies as a compentent president- for wither the pro-war or anti-war coalitions, Pro Capitalism or Pro-Socialism groups (his medical bills are still born, no way to realistically fund them, though I think he’ll push us much deeper into insolvency before ever admitting it, easier to smile and wear a sharp suit).

He literally hypnotises populations. He stands before crowds, and says ‘It’s not about --------, it’s about -----lie-----’ and the crowd chants it in return. The stuff makes NO SENSE half the time, as it’s clearly in cases when he said it’s not about race, it was only about race. When it was not about socialism, it was about a illusion to socialism (too incompetent to be realistically called socialism however).

In the end, we’re left with a disturbed, useless president. Deeply incompetent, but fanatically followed. He makes allusions to doing stuff… but those things never really come into being, except when he holds a carrot out for people, like Cash for Clunkers, and even then it’s a failure enviromentally as well as economically for the poor. Very little positively has come from it, and simpler means could of saved much more gas realistically.

Nero too was deeply useless, but deeply loved by the corrupt. He struck a much higher degree of instability and terror in society, in having no contempt or illusionary divide between him and the forces of Chaos in his society, willfully hanging out with street gangs in Rome, recking havoc. His disregard for the long term, for consequences to economy, property, and life was more blantant than Obamas, but Obama has scale on his end, and outpaces Nero in just about every category in terms of negative repercussions to society.

Honestly… who killed more, Obama or Nero? Who blew more money on beautiful, tantalizing waste? Who lavished more on his cult of civic affection, in gaining alliegaince of he disreputable? Who managed to have more crime committed during their tenure?

Nero looses hand down in this competition. Our all hallowed Lord, Obama, wins every hand.

I ask you, can a Christian in America support the Cult of Obama, a cult errily similar to the one described to the Antichrist in revelations, and be a Christian at the same time? Can you free Christians, born into a free and proud republic, knowing your rights, our history, our responsibilities, accept a God who rules over the population by Executive Decree when the Constitution, founded by Christians, gets in the way, a mere annoyance to be laughably disregarded, given how feeble it is in comparison to Obama’s Grand Majesty? Does Christianity have a place in such a order? Does Democracy? Do You?

I don’t know why you feel like you’ve gotta give a complete synopsis of the history of the world every time you need to make any point at all. For real.

That being said, since your point is so unnecessarily obscured by what you and I know is an absurd amount of arguably unrelated shit…I’ll just answer the question.

Yes. A christian can be an obama worshipper. If you haven’t noticed,they can pretty much do whatever they want. You know why. I know why. It doesn’t have anything to do with gods or politicians.

What makes you do this man? I’m interested.

Obama is apparently Christian and he seems to like himself.

Christians are not allowed to worship people who are not Jesus or the Pope.
A generation ago there was Ronald Reagan, so I disagree, americans certainly were capable of worshipping a presidential Emperor.
Pop back 20 from that you have Kennedy, another worshipped prez.
I would guess this phenomenon has popped up all along.
And of course with ‘the other team’ thinking it is the devil or anti-christ in the office.

Kennedy was mostly worshiped after his death.

Like Jesus.

His death certainly helped his deification, but he and his wife were young(er than other presidents) and charismatic, and so popular in the media in a completely new way. He was very articulate and was easy to brand, so to speak. And the foundation for later branding of such figures went on full steam with him and his family, even before his death. Part of what Nixon was always gnashing his teeth about.

I believe he was also the anti-christ, being Catholic and all, to a good number. It seems like deification usually cuts both ways.

He is about as Christian as you are Chinese.

Obama Jesus.jpg

I think that you are mistaking a presidential following for worshipping CN… just because the guy has A-list backing, doesn’t mean what you are trying to imply, and (as mentioned previously) Reagan had a similar effect during his presidential reign, so it’s not a new phenomena.

Hey I saw democrats, friends, worship Dubya during the build up to the war in Iraq. They bought hook, line, and sinker into his propaganda that Iraq was an imminent threat and could attack the U.S. homeland with planes and drones. I couldn’t believe even democrats bought it, all the way up to the halls of Washington.

Meanwhile Dubya strutted around like a gunslinger, lookin fer a fight, sixshooter in one hand and Bible in the other … and having prayer meetings with the likes of Chuck Colson. Rev. Jerry Falwell, and Ted Haggard. 80 million Christians worshiped (OP type) Dubya.








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Worship of Obama is no deeper or more wide-spread than was worship of JFK, LBJ, Reagan, or GW Bush. President worship is as incompatible with being a Christian as worship of Mary or angels. That is to say, that it is idolatry in the sense that it takes a finite human being to be supra-human. For a Christian, only Jesus of Nazareth can be that and they are supposed to put qualifiers on divinity even for Jesus.



Why should fervently backing Obama (or any other president before him) equate to worship?