Can you give your impressions?

Many times, when I think to myself, I reach a state of not feeling good, while not knowing the exact reason. I don’t try really to know, as there could be many possibilities, and I could be very much wrong. I don’t know if anyone could help, but if there is anything you can do, it will be really appreciated.

Thank you,

When not feeling good you’re usually unsatisfied with something or some things. Try to figure out what they are.

This is a good place to start, though you can always find somthing you are unhappy with. Consider whether it may be a medical thing too (eg. a minor depression).


Dr Cheegster.

Describe this ‘not feeling good.’

Perhaps you are frustrated or sick with indecision. You are trying to think deeply about very complicated things and become overwhelmed with possibility. I go through this. In this case, my recommendation is to be decisive. Cut off your thinking after a while and force yourself to come to some conclusion and move on. Good luck.

I need more info.

  • are you much for yoself?
  • what kind of thinking are you doing?
  • when and how are you reachign this depressive state?
  • are you eating healthy food?
  • how are your physical condition?
    …etc …more info please!

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