Can you prove...

Can you prove that I’m…

  1. Not the most beautiful person on the planet?

  2. not the smartest?

  3. not the most loveable?

  4. not the Most Worthy?

  5. not the Most Funny?

Im serious, can you?

You can’t possible be those things, because I am.

Well, for most of those, the answer is in the eyes of the beholder.

As for smartest…well it can probably be done.

They’re all subjective, so no.

I do not love you, there take off number 3 ](*,)


Can you prove that you are those things?

  1. Well I don’t think you’re all that remarkable looking.

  2. You forgot the ’ in “I’m”, so yes.

  3. Well I don’t love you, so yeah.

  4. Worthy of…what?

  5. Funny looking, maybe.

Ice, I hope you’re not just going to take that…

Ice is melted… CUZ HE GOT BURNED.