Canadian Politics?

The Liberal party and the Conservitive party :stuck_out_tongue:

Well I guess Canadians don’t mince words.

On the one hand, Canadian politicians of all stripes are equally adept at lying and double-speak as any morally bankrupt politician internationally (essentially all of them…). On the other, I think the most honest thing the Conservatives have ever done is remove the “Progressive” from their party’s name to reflect just how regressive the party has become over the past few decades… =D>

:laughing: hahaha, yes go Liberals! :smiley: (even though you’re double timing scamming *astards)

There was once an EMail going around that described a bunch of men, among whom there were murderers, drug addicts, tax evaders, etc. In the end, the post mentions that this is the US Senate. Just to keep Canada apace of the slime factor, here are a few random tidbits of recent political fuckers:

BC politician (Canada’s first openly gay cabinet minister) robs huge ring ($25K?) and returns it when he realizes he was observed (security camera or something like that). Cries. Begs forgiveness. Doctor says he’s stressed out. Boo hoo. Leaves politics briefly to return for (I believe) an unsuccessful election bid. No jail time. No fine. I think no community service.

BC Premiere gets nabbed in the US for DUI. Nothing bad happens I believe.

Alberta Premiere is long-known alcoholic, which gets him into many embarrassing situations, such as the time he gets plastered and stumbles into a homeless shelter and starts yelling at all the people, telling them how worthless they are. THAT incident finally convinces him he’s got a problem… :unamused: He’s supposedly clean now, but lasst week throws a temper tantrum while showing Canada how he plans to dismantle our health care system: result? He throws a book at a 17-year-old girl who’s a “page.” Class act…

Toronto mayor’s wife busted for shoplifting lots of things. Nothing happens to her. Same week, single mother of four (or so) gets busted for stealing some food and is sentenced to 6-months prison. Same mayor embarrasses country many times, including publicly stating he doesn’t know what W.H.O. is, refusing to go to Africa b/c he’s afraid of cannibals, shaking hands, smiling, and posing with Hells Angels member for photo op, saying what great guys they are…

Ontario Minister of Education was a high school dropout. Became famous for being overheard that “we need to create a crisis in education” in order to convince people it’s okay to dismantle the education system, which they ended up doing and fucking over tens of thousands of students.

Ontario Premiere was a golf pro (and failed teacher) before getting his politician gig.

Several respected scientists/researchers in Ontario and Quebec fired from their jobs at hospitals, universities, and gov’t agencies for speaking up when they discovered their bosses/overlords were ignoring or suppressing data showing that what they were promoting–medications, milk products, etc.–was very unhealthy. Calls for “whistleblower protection” legislations have gone unheeded for decades…I believe the unelected senate has killed this legislation or has had some role in making sure it never comes to pass. Fuckers. :imp:

Those are just a few off the top of my head. Any other Canucks want to share some political embarrassments to show that our country is as corrupt and incompetent as any other? [/b]

change some names and a few situations and it sounds like united states politics - a bunch of idiots standing up front and fucking it up for everyone else behind them, because all the people behind them are to bizzy, living life and trying to be happy, to stand up and remove them