Caption Contest

Here’s the rules:
person posts a picture,
peeps make up clever captions for it,
after no less than 5 entries, the person who posted the pic chooses his favorite,
person who made that caption then posts his pic for everyone else to make a caption,
repeat forever and ever

after 10 entries, if no best caption has been chosen, someone can just post a new picture, anyone.

White Punks on Dope. Cleveland, Ohio, 1965

Introducing the KKK winter catalogue.


Kierkegaard wuz here

Please proceed in an orderly fashion, it’s just a shower.

I’m likin’ trevor’s, so far.

I definitely agree, I almost didn’t post mine because it’s not even close.

need 1 final entry people.

Slipknot’s backing singers.

Close call, but I think I’m gonna go with Trevor on this one.
You’re up, trev.


Susan now wished she had worn the pants with pockets.

Mickey Rourke packed on pounds for his new movie: The Sumo Wrestler.

These new clay rings help you look fat as well as ugly.

Who ate all the pies…? clearly she did"!

Post this photo on your website and listen to people make fun ot it.

Color cooridination is not necessarily fashionable.

New force discovered; cakeforce, the ability for cake to inhabit humans and control their wills.

Another new force discovered; the ability for cake to make bad fashion decisions.

I have a thyroid condition