I am aware of the extremes of caring too much or not enough,but i’m not sure of the perfect balance,as of this moment. a friend of mine has an “i dont care” attitude and is trying to expand it,and dullen his emotional responces completely. this sounds appealing to me. as dan~ wrote in the ‘my deepest sorrow’ thread in rant,“compassion was(is) an unnessecary pain”. was this only for having compassion for that which we cannot effect?
my logical guess for this is yes. what is your take on caring?

i am very emotional at times and could be convicted of caring too much,however i can also stop these and other things from destroying my mind.

I’m not entriely sure either, I too could be said to sometimes care too much.

In my life external to ILP I am trained as a paramedic (although taking some time off now while overseas) and have been in situations where I found it difficult not to care, and others where I found it difficult not to care too much.

I have found however, that you will destroy yourself if you cannot draw the line around caring.

Surely not caring at all is as vicious an extreme as caring too much. It is nicer not to care sometimes, but I’m not sure that living a life where you truly didn’t care about anything would be at all rewarding.

I think that you are right on with realising it is a balance to strike. Realise also why you care, and why things bother you to the point of caring too much.

they’re intial thoughts, but I hope they help somewhat.


if anything my ultimatum would be to do as much good to people around you, and yourself,as possible. but i guess yourself should take priority.

interesting to hear from a paramedic. over the net i hear about the most interesting jobs. i just find it fasinating to hear from these guys… but i degress.

in my current mental condition,i have not have replied at full effecientcy…