Cat Parasite May Affect Cultural Traits In Human Populations

I knew there was a reason I wasn’t a cat guy. [/url]

Traits of a house cat? - that would only make us more weak - there best be another species involved for the superior of us humans.


here kitty kitty

One of the chemicals that some roundworms produce in the brain is amonium. This definitely effects human behavior, and that’s just one of many things parasites can do to the host.

Great - We’re an extended phenotype of Toxoplasma gondii parasite.




we have multiple cats and we are not neurotic and don’t say i am cuz I am not and I know who you are so don’t go there. As I was saying It hasn’t affected us but, then again we worm them and keep them clean and healthy. and keep a decent hygiene for ourselves.

Besides I kind of think all the preservatives and chemicals in our food, clothing, housing, transportation etc…, is a bit more unhealthy and unnatural and possibly would attribute to personality changes more readily then this.


So THAT’S what happened! I’ve been wondering about your behavioral changes lately… :astonished: This explains the differences between those volatile “unstable” Southerners and the more placid temperaments of those in northern climes. Not saying you’re volatile or anything, just looking at the facts of the case.

Its that moose drooling stuff you Yankees guzzle it placidifys you all. The south Will rise again , after a sufficient nap, that is.

A great book on the subject:

Very, very interesting.