My cat is sick and has been since yesterday, vet is opening in about an hour and he’s already on his way in.

:-& :cry: :cry: :cry:

Its brutal seeing such a strong and lively animal so lethargic. :frowning: :frowning: :frowning:

Let us know how it goes? Hopefully it’s just kitty-cat flu or something!

cat scratch fever isn’t that bad…


Well, the vet thinks it was bad hairballs which is still probably in there, what we had thought as well, he had puked a bunch yesterday and because of that we were trying to force feed or assist feed him water throughout the night, when the vet seen him said she was overall healthy and that symptoms point to a hairball issue, they also gave him massive injections of liquid because he was so dehydrated from puking.

Its always an issue with cats, hydration, if a cat doesn’t drink properly for a day or two they can get brutally sick/dangerously ill. So, know that he’s gotten a pile of water (we could only give him a few like 40ml last night, which had to be spaced hours apart so he wouldn’t puke) i’m feeling a lot better about the situation.

If its not hairball issue its probably a fatal issue though. :frowning:

given the symptoms though, its probably hairballs. Like he’s very very athletic, drinks a lot of water, and consistantly is doing things most cats can’t athletically doing it longer for then other cats (endurance wise) he’s a ball of muscle and moves constantly, there was no slowly uncoming lethargy or sickness, it didn’t slowly build up, he hasn’t been acting anything but healthy.

Needless to say, organ issues are usually progressive, so, by later he should be okay. Like when you get a problem that comes out of nowhere with no symptoms previously, its probably the cat eat somthing toxic, ate some string, hairballs or somthing like that.

He’s mainly still lying around but his eyes aren’t glassy anymore and he’s attacking strings and stuff (not full cat jumps to like 7feet repeatedly or anything) but much more energy then he had earlier.

On top of that we’re not supposed to feedd him today and he puked up most stuff yesterday so he’s probably a bit weakened. The liquids they injected into his chest ( a lot of it) has spread throughout his body, and he’s looking a bit better.

We need to give him 6ccs of water today somtime and the vet will call tomorrow to see how its progressed. The vet said it was one of the most beautiful/social cats they had ever seen.

He’s a good cat, we have 3 here (only 1 is mine) but if i try to give baths to the other 2, they will fight tooth and nail (at least claw) and if they could they’d climb your legs/face to get out. My cat, just sits a bit if you hold him back.

Its a good thing to, I couldn’t manage my cat if it decided to fight me. (if it used claws even to escape it’d need a straight jacket to control it).

Its claws are like half an inch. strong fucking cat.

No maine coon though.

Glad to hear the little predator is well. :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t say ‘well’ as ‘on the slow road to recovery’ hopefully.

He still won’t drink water/food on his own esteem, but he’s using the washroom now and we gave him a tiny bit of wet cat food and constant water. I really hope he starts eating by tomorrow.

vet bills are killing me, it’d be like 500dollars to run tests for a diagnosis alone after this.

Crap fine, your cat may have developed an allergy to the food you give it, this does happen, cats are sensitive to preservatives and food dyes, Cats especially can have this happen as they get older. If its not that then it may be leukemia or a blood parasite, I hope not because those are highly contagious to other cats, keep this cat isolated. Change the cat’s food… try boiled plain chickenfor right now, no tuna at all, If you give the cat any fish make it a white meated fish, catfish bass etc. plain cooked no seasoning. Get purina kitten chow it has very little dyes and junk in it and it is full of vitamins a recovering cat needs. Use plain food only and plain pedialyte for water, alternate pedialyte and water. Give the cat some cat vitamins. one and half pills aday. Cats are resiliant but they do need to have a bit of help.

good luck

Yeah, I knew all about this cat stuff with fish being unhealthy on them food allergies and etc.

Its the hairballs I guess, we fed him a bunch of water, he puked a pile of shit up, the vet said if he can’t keep down anywater to take him in today for more liquid through skin treatments, but he’s held down the last few syringes of water and is now eating on his own esteem.

We had gotten a laxative, some sweet meat flavored paste for cats with hairballs, 2 times a day for 3 days in a row when normal treatment options call for twice a week. So, he threw up a big hairball with lots of stomach acid and then ate.

Vet said considering he can keep the water down that theres no need to bring him in, though their holding a spot for us incase he pukes all that water again later. Though he is absorbing some of it as he’s not showing signs of dehydration yet.

The skin not going back to its naturally position after stretching the skin on the cats head, his skin flops right back into normal position now, suggesting he’s hydrated. (yesterday his skin made a little pyramid above his skull when we checked, do to lack of hydration).

I’ll get some pictures incoming.


His beauty outshines the sun.

Keep kitten chow and plain pedialyte around for emergencies. Hairballs can be hard on cats, hartz has a good hairball remedy that is great for maintainence. Purina Kitten chow has proper nutrients that other kitten chows and adult foods do not, including wet cat foods and its alot easier on sensitive stomachs to digest when softened with warm water.
I am glad he will be fine.

He gets fed stuff like that and still gets hairballs from time to time, this one was just really bad. The vet said the medication we have him on now, should be taken for the rest of his life, like twice a week.

His fur is pretty long. well, not long, its fluffy.

tonic lax:

Each 70.87 Gm. Contains

Vitamin A

7.06 I.U./gm.

Vitamin D2

1.41 I.U./gm.

Vitamin E

0.014 I.U./gm.

Vitamin B12

0.068 mcg/ml.

Iron Peptonized

36 mg.

Thiamin Hcl. (B1)

0.027 mg./ml.

Linoleic Acid

100 mg.

Linolenic Acid

20 mg.

Mineral Oil

2.816 ml.


15.17 gm.

Its that underfur that does it to him, Perhaps a good combing once or twice a week especially now that it is time to start shedding will help, we have 3 that I have to do that for.

Ow Cyrene and Kris getting along.

World Peace and inter-Human understanding are really attainable after all. :smiley:


Man I love your cat, what breed is it again, my mom is looking for a good breed.