Catholicism Worships the God of White Supremacy!

if you are a catholic, then you unarguably believe that god gave your specific group of europeans a huge head start learning about the Good News.

once adopted by the roman empire, it wasnt very long before it was europe’s main religion a hundred years? a thousand?

how long until it reached africa? america? some island?

they are all rotting in limbo huh.

oh right you can choose which things the church is telling the truth about…

What in the hell are you ranting about?

how is it that a church whose priests are now largely black, asian, or hispanic is a church of white supremacy?

Which specific group of Europeasn would you be talking about? The Romans? The Greeks, The Irish?

i’m inclined to believe that you don’t know about church history my friend

im merely pointing out the fact that every single one of us in here disagreed with pre-1920 church doctrine, and that if that is true, you should not blindly have faith in them. before you forget, believing you have to treat your neighbor like yourself is not necesarily a part of believing every word the church says. words not written down and subject to change as soon as people start to realize it is stupid.

before 1920, about 90% of innocent babies born in africa had the disgusting vile stench of original sin permeating their heathen soul. thats what the pope would have sworn to god was the truth. today he swears to god that you need to eat crackers.

i can believe everything the church says is important for which there is a reason, such as i need to treat my neighbor like myself, and i dont need to believe the rest of their extras such as eat sacred crackers. why would anyone have BLIND faith in the validity of those church doctrines for which there is no apparent reason? why would you have [size=150]BLIND [/size]faith in an organization that changes what its Tradition with a capital T is whenever its a good marketing decision?

pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Future man didn’t get what he wanted attacking christianity in general so now he’s going to attack catholicism

thats funny cause its like your saying IM actually the wizard, when that is actually the exact kind of metaphor i would use to describe your beloved catholic church inc.

since you failed to see my point when i went at it directly, i figured youd be more comfortable being misled into an easier to believe direction. im just attacking the things that are so blatantly obviously wrong and stupid that you have to agree that the church has said stupid things and therefore has no reason to be trusted,

or of crouse you could just ignore the question. that question spelled out for you being: why would you ever believe anything this organization says?

how do you know who I was describing?

and it’s certainly not a organization I have love loss for. by no stretch of the imagination. I just don’t see the point of coming in here and attacking ones faith.

how do you know the resurrection didn’t happen though? I mean I’m certainly not christian, and would think more that the resurrection would be the perfect way to attract more members at the time. But lets say it did happen. How do we prove it didn’t happen?

why would I believe any organization including the quakers then?

You choose what to believe or not believe based upon personal experiences. You’ve had bad personal experiences with the catholic church so you choose to think everything they say is lies. which is all fine and dandy but don’t expect to get other catholics here (the few that there are.) to suddenly give up their beliefs because you tell them “Why do you ever believe anything that lying organization says” all you’ll do is make them more angry trust me.

im not saying resurecting is impossible, im saying if i were to believe in it, my life would not be better in any way, the only thing that would change is that i would donate an hour and twenty bucks every week to an organization based on stupid lies.

my problem wth catholics is not just the credibility of their source being in question to say the least as i have made clear, but there is no reason to believe jesus died brutally. it doesnt help you live your life unless you desire the comfort of believing your sins will be tacked onto him so that you dont have to worry about them.

i guess this is my last post trying to help you fools fix your broken brains, but think about the things you really care about, like you have to treat your neighbor like yourself, there is an afterlife, there is a purpose.

yes you and i both can believe these things without any evidence like normal beliefs, and we are proud of our FAITH. were we not faithful, we would require knowing about an example in the past that proves what we believe is true, right? isnt that why you believe in jesus?

[b]what does a story, an example, mean to you if it doesnt prove the point any more than a blind faith in the principles alone does.

if a belief in jesus is not neccesary to believe the things that are truly important, why do you believe he exists, let alone why do you believe he is the most important thing you need to believe?!?[/b]

Furture Man, your anti-catholicism is touching and nostalgic, like something out of the 1930’s. I really have to ask you what occasioned all this Anti-Papist Ranting of yours? You’re just so wrong about so much stuff - I mean you don’t even Know when the hell vatican II occured for God’s Sake.

I remain catholic not because I wholeheartedly believe in everything the Church teaches (Being educated by Jesuits, as I was, that would be a totally impossibility even if I had not been a freethinker before that) but because the Catholic Church shows two things that I believe to be very important in the world. 1) Grace is not earned by simply saying “Jesus Saved Me” and then Poof all is ok. Luther was a pussy and couldn’t deal with the world. In Older times he would have been out in the desert with Anthony and the other Essene-esque hermits. Salvation is earned by being involved in the world, in participating in the great flow of the world.
2. There must be a tradition, there must be a recognition that all thought comes from some place, that we are concrete people who owe who we are to our forefathers as much to ourselves. Everyman is NOT qualified to simply open up a bible and understand it. You must study and be taught. You must be well read to understand the Bible. it is as simple as that. Always remember that Catholic Culture thrives to this day. Protestant Culture, which started so beautifully with Milton, has ended up with Billy Graham and Christian Rap.

bah Protestants!

way to distract, who cares what day it was? do you not understand that, at some point in the past, catholics around the world swore to god that unbaptised babies in africa are sent to limbo for all eternity. do you not understand that that is retarded? and that your beautiful wonderful pope swore to god it was so?

you are agreeing with me!!! now if believing in the specifics of jesus’ life and death does not ‘poof’ save us, and we already beleive we need to treat our neighbor like ourself, without ever hearing of jesus, what does hearing about him accomplish?

what does it accomplish that is so great that the church requires we believe it? WHAT DOES IT DO WHY WHY WHY FOR JESUS CHRISTS SAKE EXPLAIN IT ALREADY HOW HARD IS IT? i know exactly how hard it is, its as hard as explaining why we need to believe that the pope wears grape flavored edible underwear under his funny hat: very hard!

the reason why still nobody has explained the direct connection between jesus and my happiness is that there is no connection. i won this argument about 20 posts ago when nobody said jack shit regarding jesus and his essential, logical connection to my happiness.

the connection between HIS MESSAGE and my happiness is very logically obvious and i have described the greatness of his message in practically every post. believing HIS MESSAGE is not the same as believing THERE WAS A GUY 2K YEARS AGO WHO DID STUFF. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEADS IT IS POSSIBLE TO BELIEVE THAT YOU NEED TO TREAT YOUR NEIGHBOR LIKE YOURSELF AND ALL THE OTHER USEFUL THINGS THAT COME OUT OF THE CHURCHS MOUTH WITHOUT BELIEVING ALL THE STUFF THATS NOT USEFUL.

according to your precious bible, jesus affected the world because he could zap people back to life and zap food from nothing, zap water into alcohol to get the party started and he also just so happened to preach the same thing i do today. what is the difference between believing in me and believing in jesus.

please oh wise one, give me a stupid man’s, simplified, dumbed down version of ONE IMPORTANT THING the bible says besides a)treat your neighbor… and b)there is an afterlife.

thats great we owe all our thoughts to a power that more or less endorsed the destruction of its unofficial birthplace (constantinople), all the other naughty stuff that happened in the crusades, they say trillions of foreign heathens are now in limbo and will always be, peasants dont need to hear their mass in a language they understand but they still need to sit silently and hear it in latin, and ooohhhh yeah since all that stuff sounds crazy today we are gonna just change it all around to make it sound hip and groovy… uh i mean the banginest shiznnizzlenite word amen.

please, fellow skeptics of catholic lies inc. tell me that somebody understands what i am saying and im not insane.

Future Man, this is dumb. After Vatican II, there is no more limbo, the mass is said in the vernacular and the laity basically run the church. The Catholic Church you’re ranting against has been dead for fifty years

“The Catholic Church you’re ranting against has been dead for fifty years”

I thought he might be ranting because it did change.

[quote=“Future Man”]
and he also just so happened to preach the same thing i do today. what is the difference between believing in me and believing in jesus.


Don’t you have a post under the topic Abortion where you say how happy it would make you to abandon yourself to carnal lust? Do you think this is Christ’s teaching?

Second, and this is really stupid to have to say, the difference between believing you and believing Jesus is that Jesus had authority from God, and you are some thinker on a philosophy board.

I like your Avatar, BTW. Seems like Nietzsche’s Last Man as surfaced on the boards … and he wears a tricor hat!

un pauvre chevalier mal fet

first, and this is really stupid to have to say, im trying to prove that jesus (aka the priest who told you about jesus) has no authority because he has no credibility.

the oldest record we have of what was written by the actual people who talked to god, or the closest to that is how old? anything after 400bc has been handled by this essentially europe-wide organization hell bent on making sure everyone knew that they had to be a member and pay taxes.

i believe i have to treat my neighbor like myself because i can roughly infer that my fellows humans feel pain the same way i do.

i guess its the same if you believe it because OMITS sent his son and told people who told people…

…who told some guy who then taxed his country into poverty after spreading the Good News informing me that i have to treat my neighbor like myself and also be an attending member at the very expensive building.

they are forcing membership because they want your money.

it worked great back in the middle ages, and thats how far back our history records go. the oldest piece of paper is how old? after 400bc means either the christian roman empire had the documents, or some christian in the dark ages had the documents. everything was written and maintained by monks at a probably well funded monastery(is that right?)? well funded because of forced membership and tithing.

this is the organization you trust and give money to, and ascribe the fundamental source of the idea that you have to treat your neighbor like yourself?

i have proven easily and you all agree with me that jesus is not required to believe that you need to treat your neighbor like yourself, i can roughly infer that others are equal to me.

i can believe that god only requires this thought from you. this would allow unmolested island natives a chance to get into heaven. no matter how much they had sex and didnt eat crackers, as long as they did their very best to treat their neighbor like themselves, they would be given what they deserved.

what does jesus contribute if it is not island man’s salvation?

So wait, the Christian Roman Empire controlled europe in 400 bc? that is, Four Hundred years before the birth of christ? Interesting…

i think i see how youve reached 920 posts…

no just kidding you seem wiser than most, say something about this though

WTF!!? 400bc? The Romans had barely beaten back the Etruscans at that point. there was No empire, hell alexander hadn’t even shown up.
This is all fucked up on crack

i meant 400 ad, when constantine decided he wanted his numerous sins to be forgiven and zeus was a little more angry with him than jesus

DUDE the romans didn’t believe in Zeus that was the GREEKS.

By the way, why would a white supremicist religion be founded by a Jewish Messiah, and led mostly by Italiians?

how blind are you people

what im saying is that the church used to say something that was obviously very very obviously crazy and that if you can say ‘oh wait no i only believe some things that the church says, not their eurocentricity’ then you are an idiot

i dont believe the church is white supremacist. but pre-vatican2 the pope swore to god that if you hadnt been baptised, you were going to rot in limbo. euuropeans obviously had a head start being baptised and therefore populated heaven exclusively for hundreds of years.

if you dont believe this, WHICH YOU DONT YOU DONT BELIEVE THE CHURCH, then how can you believe them when they say theyve changed their racist minds and decided to pray mass in english instead of latin because god never told them up until now??? you dont believe that! why do yuo believe any of it!?!? because theres a nice friendly man with a little white thing in his collar who was brainwashed a long time before you and hes very convincing. THATS WHY

Really what is the point Future man when you don’t even believe in your own premises?