Cauchy3 and taoism

Cauchy and Taoism
Many years ago religious people infer many weird God s given forces for fetish. I have figured out some rituals like burning of joss stick before idols. I also tried to infect my middle fingers surface by tiny pins. This is some sorts of ceremonies which I take care to boost up my spirits. Also I like to get some portends from fortune tellers. Besides those superstitious behaviors I attempted to studied calculus to become some person latter. Life did not come in every each effect even though I did study late at nights. I could not always forget to sleep otherwise I would became bipolar emotional. Sleeplessness is because of a nervous cerebrum. Serenities and comforts are less appeared in my dreams and it was hard to exert strength and physical might from my inside. Actually I was not choosing Buddha to distract my life for I just noticed the funs of them and those magic spells that printed on yellow strips. For several times I fooled myself just by fooling on some of my spells
The happy matters were the excitements to me and the stimulations on my brain. In some occasions I felt unhappy for some curious thoughts about well and bad beings. I spent many of my petty moneys to buy status of Gods and deities for my primal hobbies. But gradually it is too painful to be pain. Most obscure life was driven away by stronger wills. And I know how to endure my hard life. In fact in Hong Kong some skinny Ku Fu masters always felt that they might be sometimes out of numbers in fighting. They are often out of self-confidence and they think they need very efficacious descendant of God-fighter into their bodies. After some instance and simple ceremonies they always attested their power by striking themselves with their or other free or armed hands.
Actually the real maters underneath such incarnations are the excessive desires of moneys and powers of human. This involved many people who offend the rules of many scientists. Moneys, sex are human s sensations which like liquid permeating our membranes. They dazzled many of us through. They turn our society upside down in some how. Once in Hong Kong there a branch of Taoism which was hold by several rotten priests who were not only spiritual maladies but they were professional criminals. They spread heretical ideas to young female fetish. They purposed to snare them to be some willing sex whores. There might some pretend clumsy birds started to fly first. Then many of those young girls were drowsed to by speech. Those abigails were incriminated and were deceived to receive God s fond when they become quite humble very soon many of them because nonsense before those audacious priests . Then all the victims might be convince by predetermination or their foolish characters and no bodies thought of to be drop out half ways. All of them became moggies who took not a penny. Event they had to contribute moneys to this pervert section. They were more tampered if they were in some how another indirect composer of more tragedies. All of them turned to be whores.
This nasty business involving some bosses and many followers were finally being arrested only after a long periods of several months. When some of them got some feelings of contempt of themselves and instead of the triumphs of Gods they knew that they were empty nuts before others. She told her parents what happened to them. Of course no all parents were unanimated logs of woods then the case was reported to police. Some female cops were arranged to act from inside with very precise actions. Soon enough evidences were collected. Being a newspaper reader and an outlier of such affairs, I could not notice any hits about their brains which secretly manipulated this and all many crimes.
The meters of the police and many public pressed might wish to absorb all the evils tug. AS to expose all vicious powers may sometimes have negative effects for people s undesirable trends. The brains involve very important person of our societies and it is always hard to fixed and trap them out. (may be). For sex troubles , I opposite on some surfaces to use very strong medicines on corticotrophin. The use of corpusluteums or gynecium for many bodies have some risks. Many hormones like follicle which aimed for sex-stimulating may have harms. For criminals I opposite for the usage of medicines to decrease their sex interests

By cheung shun sang=laplace181=cauchy3

I would actually be more content to read what you’re writing in Chinese than in your translated Engrish slop.

…And I don’t speak Chinese.


What on earth do you get out of being so senslessly horrible? If you’re not interested in a post, how about just ignoring it? Just curious…how many languages do you speak?

Two, Latin and English…some french, very little spanish. Want to learn Greek.

And Tim, what do I get out of it? The satisfaction that people always know I will be upfront and honest with them. I’m not judgmental, as you’d probably think. I’m sure Cauchy knows exactly what he’s talking about on his 10000 useless posts that only get replies like “what the hell?”, but someone needs to break it to the man that he’s not translating very well.

I pick on people. Why, because I want them to pick on me too. It makes life so much nicer when people tell you what they’re thinking instead of being “polite”. The world is TOO POLITE! Especially here in SE Va (where I am for the holidays). It’s disgusting how someone will lie to your face just so that they don’t have to go through the trouble of explaining why you’re annoying them (here it’s called “southern hospitality”). It causes paranoia and mistrust among friends and family.

Besides, you don’t exist anyway.

Thanks for your pseudo-honesty, Tim. There IS a method to my madness, and if you could hear my voice inflections, I think you’d see that I’m a tad kinder than my words imply. :sunglasses:

I couldn’t agree with you more about honesty. However, there are different ways in being honest. You could tell someone that their english needs work and that you’re not interested in what they have to say in a constructive way, a way which wont make them feel like crap and feel afraid next time they post. That way there is no bullshit, but no-one day gets made the worse for it.

And i agree with you about inflections, i think that’s one of the biggest draw backs about message boards, there is so much more to language than the words spoken.

To each his own, to each his own.