Causality happenz

Causality happenz

Rules; continue the causal line in any way you wish, but it must continue or be continuable in the next line [I.e. if you write a line that ends it, write another]. don’t write anything uncouth.
don’t post comments.

In the Greek theme of something bad is about to happen:

The maiden lies on a river bank picking daisies…


In a bed of poison ivy.

…and the aroma of the daisies gets her all hot-and-bothered…


…and when the babies came,

she looks at them with a disgusted face

and shoots leprechauns out of her cooter

All she wanted to do was make a daisy chain, so why did someone come along and rape her, then leave her pregnant and disgusted with herself? What led to this unanticipated, unforeseen variable?

Saytrs, or so the old story goes.

{interesting replies! :slight_smile: }

Alas twas but a dream, …in fact a fantasy!


Or a more laurel and hardy kind of causality happenz…

A young lady realises she is late and begins to run along the street.
A camera crew is filming something just around the corner.
The lady runs around the corner and smacks her face right into the camera, which falls to the floor.
When the camera lands it breaks and fuses the power cable which is led on a puddle of water, a bolt of electricity travels along the water until it hits some scaffolding.
As the lady lands her skirt raises in the air and she’s got no knickers on.
A painter sat on a plank led across two blocks jumps up with a cheer.
The electrified scaffolding sends a worker sat at the top eating his lunch flying.
He lands upside down with a bone crunching thud upon the edge of the plank.
Upon which there is a bucket of water which goes flying into the air.
Nearby a robbery is taking place.
A thief runs out the building.
A policeman had been called and spots the thief who aims his gun.
The bucket of water lands upon the thief’s head knocking him back and redirects his aim.
The policeman lives.
The thief shoots.
The pilot in an aircraft above is killed, the plane goes out of control.
It plunges into a air balloon filming a football match.
There’s a few seconds on the clock for one team to score a field goal and win the competition.
The balloon plummets to the ground and knocks the ball off coarse.
The kicker looses his head and runs out of the stadium and crashes into the girl.
The girl falls over again.
The policeman sees her skirt raised up and shrieks with joy at the sight.
The thief shoots the policeman.
The bullet passes through the cop and a window of an office.
Inside a puppy dog is hit and killed.
The dog belongs to a Chinese official who takes offence at this act of violence.
The cop looks up from the floor; I thought you eat them he exclaims.
The Chinese official is mortally offended, he calls his boss who declares war.
The world is destroyed.

Should girls go commando?


Thank goodness I only forgot to leave the house with my knickers on only once, which was a very long time ago… I was in a rush, what can I say :confusion-shrug: but there was no accidental exposure, hence no causality.

Who knew that a ‘commando’ female could cause such repercussive events Q :confused:

Haha yes indeed. :smiley:

Though its not purely sexist, I am sure if I wore no underwear and a short skirt it could have a similar effect, albeit comparatively horrific initially. 8-[ :stuck_out_tongue: