[CD] - Rob Zombie - Educated Horses

Robert Zombie, formerly White Zombie exploded onto the metal scene with powerful guitars and lyrics with themes of classic movie monsters and splatterfest films of the seventies. He’s finally back with a new album called Educated Horses and I gotta say its a pretty good one.

This album hits the same as his albums of old, but with an expanded repetior of sounds. For instance, the song The Devil’s Rejects has almost a folk/metal feel with that same eerie sensibilty that one expects from a Zombie number. Other prized tracks I found were 17 Year Locust, Sawdust in the Blood, and American Witch.

The real problem with this album is that its too damn short. With only eleven short tracks the whole thing clocks in at a pitiful 38 min 20 sec. While I would have been happy with a few more tracks I still felt justified in my purchace. If you’re a Zombie fan this is a CD to check out.

Recommendation: Browse with consideration to buy (Recomended for Zombie fans)

I really dug this one, it’s pretty cool. :slight_smile:

Devil’s Rejects is a perfect theme for a night-time drive through the woods to the house I grew up in. Love the album.

I’ve seen some of his Gorefest Films; low budget chaos, circus clown horror-show style stuff. Always brutal, warped and hilariously fucked up!

I’m not exactly a lover of Rob Zombie, but when I was younger, I absolutely loved the industrial mosher power of Astro Creep: 2000.

Amazing performance gothic-fantasty band!