Celebrating Mediocrity

Celebrating mediocrity

I will shatter your delusions
Replacing them with my own
You will turn unimaginably
Into my gopher
My mooncalf

You will be at the mercy
Of my whims

You will construct an ego
Grand in style but
Fundamentally shaky
False deluded – liable

you will proclaim


On the contrary
You are my myopic

I play with your instincts
I am your assured worth
I am your obsession with beauty
I am your delusions of grandeur
I am the false image of you…

I am the reality that is more fragile
Than this Self you have Fabricated…

i am the cold light of reality
i am the last bastion
of the hopeless

the average
the common denominator
the common dream
the common think

No skills
No moxie
No substance

Merely the mirror of yourself
Merely the child of your dreams
Merely the weakness of a culture

Altogether lacking
Joining in one big circle
Celebrating mediocrity!

I am your Father
And this is the way things are

(this poem is crudely written) :imp: :imp: :imp:

i especially enjoyed the voice of this poem. most people (including myself) usually describe what its like to be subjected to the type of voice you’ve created. your voice is clear and unambiguous, but at the same time the source of your voice is very ambiguous.

This is a good poem Colin, and shows none of your tendency to indulge in linguistic play for your own enjoyment.

I was thinking that you might want to rearrange it so that each line starts with a ‘you’ or ‘I’, just to emphasise this ambiguation of voices that you’ve got going. Perhaps.

After ‘my myopic’ I think you should include another ‘my’ before ‘Microbe’.

Just for the sake of assonance, if nothing else.

Good poem. It’s like it was written by Satan himself. :smiley: …But he probably wouldn’t post it on a forum…ah, never mind.