Change of Paradigm

Not that it really matters, but I’m no longer a, whatever you want to call it, a ‘rightwing’ or ‘national populist’.
I’m a libertarian socialist of sorts now, an anti-capitalist.
You could say I’m a radical leftwing extremist.

This happens to me every several years, I change my paradigm, to an extent.
I wouldn’t say I’ve made a 180, it’s not like I was that keen on capitalism before.
Basically I went from being a social democrat/center-left, to being far left.
My thoughts on political economy have changed, and my thoughts on immigration have changed, I no longer care about immigration really, one way or the other.
That’s how the rightwing appealed to me, by getting me to want fewer immigrants, among some other things, like fear of authoritarianism and government (and I’m still weary of authoritarianism and government, which’s why I’m a libertarian, market socialist as opposed to an authoritarian, state socialist).

That being said, my thoughts on other things are about what they were.
I’m not far left across the board, just on political economy, on everything else I’m somewhere in the middle.
I’m a free thinker, not into cultish, polarized thinking.
I haven’t changed my thinking about things as much as it would seem, just political economy is now far, far more important to me than anything else, immigration and other things rightwingers care about no longer sway me as much.

Really I was never comfortable with capitalism, embracing capitalism halfway or most of the way was mostly a compromise for me.
I’m ready to ditch capitalism completely.
But there’s a lot of other things the left tends to believe about race, sex, gender, scientism, technocracy, TDS, Russophobia and so on that still don’t appeal to me, in fact I’m quite repulsed by some of it, it’s just political economy far outweighs any of this crap, and on the economy, I side with the left, the radical left.

I think this change of paradigm is happening more for emotional and personal reasons than anything intellectual.
I’ve just been really feeling my poverty lately after getting laid off from my job, trying to collect EI and rents skyrocketing in Canada especially where I’m living.
The culture war is absolutely the furthest thing from my mind right now.
I’m too busy being blasted by the class war, and I am on the poor, left side of that war.
I don’t give a shit about bathrooms, pronouns, sports or any of that nonsense.

I can see that the oligarchs control both the left and right, including the so called ‘populist’ right and ‘populist’ left.
I can see they want us focused on the culture war rather than the class war, in fact the more income inequality grows, the more it’s necessary for them to distract us with the culture war, hence all the fake polarization/political theatre.
I can see that elections are probably rigged.
I can see that all or the vast majority of media and politicians have been bought, not just mainstream ones, but even the majority of the ‘alt’ right and ‘alt’ left.
I can see that the masses are stupid, easily led and misled.
I can see how they will deplatform, debank, wage lawfare on, and assassinate if necessary anyone who actually opposes them, they completely control the levers of power, and so the system is rotten to the core, entirely illegitimate.
I can see how a handful of individuals own as much wealth as the entire bottom half of humanity/4 billion people, and so they’ve used that wealth to buy, blackmail or get rid of just about all the key players in media and politics.

That’s where capitalism has got us, VASTLY more wealth, and power inequality than there’s ever been in official history, and so fixing a few things on the surface just isn’t anywhere near enough, the whole thing is rotten to the core and must be toppled, one way or another.
The oligarchs just print whatever money they want out of thin air, their supply is limitless.
I am more cynical now, more disillusioned.
Society, at least as it is, perhaps increasingly so, is a spook as Max Stirner said, a ghost.
Doesn’t really exist.
It’s largely a lie we tell ourselves, to keep everyone on board.
And so I’m ready to drop out of it now, more so than I was before.

So what is libertarian socialism?
Libertarian socialism can be compared to/contrasted with libertarian capitalism.
Both agree that what consenting adults do with themselves and their property is no one else’s business, so long as they don’t commit force or fraud, anything goes.
Both the former and the latter believe in personal property (mobile property, like food and clothing) and private property (immobile property (land and infrastructure).

An aside, communists by definition don’t believe in private property, altho they may still believe in personal property.

The difference between libertarian socialists and libertarian capitalists is the former doesn’t believe in passive income, like charging people rent, interest or wage slavery, whereas the latter does.
For the libertarian socialist, once you’ve paid for something, or have been permitted to mix your labor with it, it’s at least partly yours, doesn’t matter what sort of contract you had with the capitalist, the contract isn’t important, what’s important is the payment, and labor, that’s what makes something someone’s.

Also, like distributists, libertarian socialists tend to believe in limits to how much property one can accumulate, libertarian capitalists don’t.
Someone shouldn’t be able to own far more stuff than they can regularly/routinely use, occupy or need.
For the capitalist, ownership is based on contract and title, for the socialist, ownership is based on meaningful occupation, use or need.
So libertarian socialism is basically libertarian capitalism but without the hoarding, we see the hoarding of things as a kind of theft.
This hoarding ultimately leads to great imbalances in wealth and power, to authoritarianism, both indirectly and directly.
Therefore, libertarian capitalism is sort of an oxymoron, especially in the long run, as resources tend to get consolidated by a few/monopolized.

Capitalism is freest and best in its early stages.
As it’s permitted to go on largely unfettered it leads to the absurdities we see today, where a handful of individuals/families own as much wealth as 4 billion people/half the population of earth.
If you can’t see how that’s a problem, for 4 billion people to own that much stuff, then you are an idiot, at least when it comes to politics and the economy, you’re an idiot.
If you’re not at the very least a social democrat, if not a democratic socialist, or libertarian socialist, then you’re not nearly as smart as you think you are.
Libertarian socialism is freedom, but without the exploitation/hoarding, it’s both freedom, and equality at the same time, that’s why it appeals to me and my conscience.

Another key difference between libertarian socialists and libertarian capitalists is the latter believes in intellectual property, the former doesn’t, intellectual property is an absurdity, on its face.

It’s interesting how polarized most’ve us have become.
It’s at least partly by design, like I said the more income inequality grows, the more capitalists have to keep us glued to the culture war, to distract us from the class war they’re waging on us.
That’s in part how they win the class war, by keeping our attention off how much money they’ve stolen.

As an anti-capitalist, I’m now far left fiscally, but am I far left socially and in other ways?
No, for instance I’m not an anti-racist and anti-sexist.
I’m not especially racist and sexist, but I’m not an anti-racist/sexist either, because for me, anti-racism/sexism is synonymous with reverse sexism/racism.
I’m focused on class, not race and sex.

I’m not into climate austerity and gun control either.
I want to see the lower classes lifted out of poverty and empowered, not impoverished and disempowered.
The contemporary left is stupid, we have to get back to the economy, forget about all that other crap.
Yea, there’s genuine environmental concerns, like toxins in our food, air and water, but carbon is not a toxin, it’s a nutrient for plants.

We have to get these upper middle class retards who’re obsessed with climate, germs, sex and skin color out of the movement.
If you’re a capitalist, you can’t really be a part of our movement.
Our problem is class supremacy, not white supremacy.
The ruling class is motivated by, class, not race, sex and religion, capitalists just care about their bottom line; money and power.

The so called ‘left’ has made this false association between capitalism, and social conservatism.
Capitalism has little-nothing to do with social conservatism.
In fact capitalism undermines social conservatism in many ways.
Capitalism is free trade, globalization, the free flow of goods, and peoples between nations.
This mixing of goods and peoples of course undermines tradition.

Capitalism helped produce tech that freed women from housework, undermining the traditional family, women then had to be given jobs, to keep them busy and useful to capitalists, hence 1st and 2nd wave feminism.

Capitalism is not a rightwing economic system, rather feudalism, protectionism and corporatism (not to be confused with crony capitalism, corporatism, in theory at least, is the synthesis of the interests of capitalists, with the interests of the state, workers and consumers) are rightwing economic systems.
Feudalism, protectionism and corporatism go together with social conservatism, not capitalism.

So what social system goes together with capitalism?
The answer may be liberalism, in the classical sense (think civil liberties), as well as consumerism, materialism, hedonism and pop culture.

So if capitalism isn’t exactly rightwing, what is it?

It’s just about making money.
It’s largely a/immoral.
It’s both the right and the left that try to be moral in different, sometimes opposing ways.

Capitalism’s a game, a casino.
No force or fraud, at least in theory, but everything else is permitted.
Arrogance, envy, greed, gluttony and lust are permitted, even encouraged.
Fake it till you make it.
The idea behind capitalism is, Bernard Mandeville’s private vice = public virtue, and Adam Smit’s invisible hand.
If we just unleash man’s vices, in a controlled way, organized chaos, the economy will grow, and the wealth will trickle down.