Charlottesville Virginia Clash.

The more you censor any kind of social movement the more you legitimize it, joke is on you all.

She has a healthy attitude.

Open letter to the governor.

All governors are controlled at the state level, it is a waste of time trying to reason with them.


Of course my own rendition of that revolves around the extent to which any particular individual out in any particular world [rooted existentially in an extant historical, cultural and experiential context] is able to make a substantive distinction between what he believes is true about human interactions “in his head” “here and now” and what he is able to demonstrate that all reasonable men and women are obligated to believe in turn. Why? Because something can in fact be shown to be true objectively for all of us.

In this case, pertaining to the “Charlottesville Virginia Clash”

In other words, different folks embracing different political prejudices [derived from different philosophical assumptions] come to this thread and argue for one or another political narrative that is said to best explain “what happened” there. Either as the optimal frame of mind or as the only rational manner in which to construe it.

My argument though is that these conflicting political prejudices/narratives [on threads like this] are rooted more in the manner in which I have come to construe these “human all too human” interactions as the embodiment of dasein, conflicting goods and political economy.

The part that most objectivists avoid like the plague. Why? Because [in my view] they have too much invested psychologically in this:

1] there is a “real me” that transcends contingency, chance and change
2] this “real me” is in sync with one or another understanding of “virtue” or “truth” or “justice”
3] “virtue”, “truth”, “justice” embedded in one or another rendition of God, Humanism, ideology, nature

In fact, some will insist that any attempt on my part to tug the thread in this direction is merely an attempt to “derail” it.

I suspect instead however that a part of them recognizes that to go in this direction is to risk being yanked down into the fucking dilemma that plagues me.

But: I go there precisely because it is the only manner in which I might come across a frame of mind that yanks me up out of it!

I await your saparately created thread Iambiguous and your invitation to it.

It’s right here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=193244

I’d also like to pursue an exchange [with you or with others] relating to the points I raised above. On this thread. In other words, to what extent can folks [liberals or conservatives, the hard right or the hard left] discuss the events at Charlottesville, Virginia, embedded in anything other then conflicting sets of political assumptions?

My argument is that individual political narratives are merely a collection of political prejudices derived from the manner in which I construe the day to day interaction of identity, value judgments and power – out in any particular world viewed from any particular point of view. Ever and always embedded over time and across space in contingency, chance and change.

What can be established as true objectively for all of us? And what instead is only an ever evolving subjective/subjunctive fabrication – an intellectual/existential contraption – rooted in dasein, conflicting goods and political economy.


These guys are obviously a bunch of hicks and hard to listen to, but after the first 6-7 minutes, you really should listen to what they have to say. They were the ones who actually had permission to have a rally.

Note that they are very seriously pro-Constitution, whereas the communists (Antifa) and socialists (Nazis) are extremely anti-Constitution (and as always, “commies hate nazis” … but both hate Constitutions). The only non-violent, and non-government associated group present (both the first Facebook-video testifier and supposed victim were/are government employees involved in crises events) were these guys…

James let me see if we’re on the same page here, a historical society petitioned for the permit of protest where neo-nazi and antifa groups showed up unexpectedly out of nowhere?

I wonder if there is someway somebody could get an original copy of the permit to post it online as evidence.

Sorry, I thought that was the base line that everyone here knew.

Possibly, but I took Pres. Trump’s word for it and it has been mentioned by a variety of people. I’ll admit that I didn’t go look to see if even that was staged too.

If you are not aware, despite the many videos and facts, the simple bottom line is that the entire thing was another staged event. The Antifa group and the Nazi groups were not merely invited, but promised payment for inciting. Although the police had initially kept the groups separate, they were told to stand down and the Antifa group removed the barricades and violently attacked the original Constutionalists preparing their speeches. Then since it had become violent, the would-be speakers were driven off by the police. They never got to present their speeches. The police drove all them out into the area where the (probably fake) Neo-nazis and/or White supremists had come ready for a fight. So the serious fight began.

The people who set these things up are serious and play “hardball”. A few deaths are certainly not a concern, and usually help their cause. They truly are murders of innocent people. Lenin used these exact same tactics to promote Communism while the German Nazis were doing the same thing to promote Nazism (socialism). Today, Europe and the USA have become infested with this demonic tactic. But it is hardly anything new to the world. Moses spelled it out, Marx spelled it out. And now you get to live it out. But that Constitution thing just keeps getting in the way.

Additional related videos:
George Soros is an actual former German Nazi SS officer.
This one might be fake:

James also note there is no record of the alt-right until after the election was over just like the Russian hacking bullshit narrative. Something is going down, will post more later.

I never even heard of Richard Spencer or Jason Kessler before this year. I’m sensing some deep bird-dogging and honeypot shananigans going on in the United States by the deep state.

Choreographed stagecraft at work here…

There shouldn’t be any question about that … for the few thinking people. But controlling the larger masses is the concern, not the vast minority of thinking people. The first move after WW2 was an attack on intelligence in the masses. The masses are much preferred to be faithful followers so that grand dinosaurs can be formed - small brains, massive bodies, and big teeth (Jurassic Park).


He is of jewish origin.

George Soros allegedly helped the S.S. round up his Ashkenazi brethren and this is probably why even Israel doesn’t like him either. It’s funny how the democratic party fawns over him and his vast international fortune.

It’s right here: viewtopic.php?f=1&t=193244

Another reminder, perhaps?

I’m just always curious to explore the extent to which those who seem so certain about their moral and political values [liberal or conservative, left or right] are curious in turn to explore the extent to which such values are rooted more in one or another rendition of God, ideology, deontology or nature, or in the manner in which I construe such things in terms of dasein, conflicting goods and political economy.

They’ll either go there or they won’t.

But if they won’t perhaps we can engage in a discussion that explores why.

What have they got to lose? Or, sure, maybe that’s the point. :-k

A mystery unfolds…


This marxist faggot makes some good points on things concerning those events.


Plot thickens even more, mystery van…