Chess sets

Sorry about the advert…anybody know of a better way to upload images here rather than using shit like imageshack.

I really like the second one from the bottom. Do you happen to know if it is one-of-a-kind, or is it readily available?

I don’t like on-line chess very much usually, but I really love playing in person. I remember hearing that the track-switchers and depots back in the early part of the 20th Century would pass the time between trains by playing chess over the telegraph, that would have been cool!

I doubt they’re one of a kind, but i’m not sure to be honest. I quite like the chinese sets there, they’re all pretty cool though to be honest. the first one is a nice oddity too.

I do play chess on-line, simply because there aren’t opportunities to play it in person. I enjoy it more in person but i tend to have less concentration than when i play it on-line. something i could work on if only people played the game. :unamused:

I don’t mind not concentrating as well when I play in person, but I pretend to be concentrating at all times after seriously embarassing myself once. I was playing with a friend of mine, and I had quite a few drinks in me, well, I looked up at him and he was scowling intently at the board (I had him in a tough spot) so I was waiting for him to make his move. After about three minutes and still no move made, I picked up the paper from off of the coffee table and started reading an article in Sports.

“Yo, Pierce.” he said.

I looked up, “Oh, you finally decide to play some chess?”

“I’d like to,” he said, “but I’m still waiting on you to take your turn.”

Anyway, I do like the first one also. I didn’t notice that the back row pieces are representative of the ways that they can move the first time I looked. It’d have been even cooler if the put a little arrow pointing forward on the pawns, though.


Funny stuff. playing chess with a few beers in you is ridiculous, last time i played with a friend we were making moves and afterwards both realizing we were leaving queens out in the open for the taking, needless to say we both missed our mistakes and our opportunities.

That’s pretty awesome! What you should do sometime is get drunk and then begin incorporating new rules into the game.

Drunk Rule Number 123:

With this rule, the Pawn that starts out in your third column may move like a Knight provided at least one of your Rooks has been taken, but not both of your Knights. If at least one of your Rooks and both of your Knights has been taken, the above-referenced Pawn may move as though it were a Queen per Rule 96, but only if your opponent still has at least one Rook, both Knights and at least six Pawns.

and after about 10 minutes of that you give up and play checkers instead.

Rule Number 32:

If you puke, you lose all of your Kings, if you have no Kings you lose all pieces that currently have an opponent’s piece effectively unable to move.

I’m being 100% serious here, not about 123 rules or something ridiculous like that, but take something like, “Castling,” that’s a ridiculous move, it’s just silly! It requires that the King and the Rook are able to immediately switch places. You know that the guy that game up with the idea of castling was drunk.

Either way, it’s a cool thing to be able to do. For instance here are five chess moves that I’ve actually played under while I have been drunk playing with friends:

1.) Switch-A-Roo (Once per Game)

Under this Rule, a player may switch any chosen piece with any piece of his opponent with the following exceptions:

A.) The Moving player may not use this Move to place a piece in his opponent’s back row.

B.) The Move may not place either player in check, nor may it place either player in checkmate.

C.) This move is not allowed to be made with a Pawn, however, it is permissible to switch places with a Pawn provided the Pawn is not in its starting position.

2.) The Cutter (Once Per Game)

Under this Rule, the Rook may move as a Bishop once during the game.

3.) CHARGE!!! (Once per Game)

Under this Rule, the Knight may move forward as a Pawn to any unoccupied square ahead of it provided there are no pieces between the Knight and that square.

4.) Dematerialize (In Effect for the Entire Game-No Other Special Rules can be played at the same time)

Under this Rule, the piece of a Player does not block other pieces of that Player unless the piece is a Pawn. (i.e. if an opponent’s Rook was at C6, your King was at C3 and your Queen was at C2, the King would not prevent the Queen from taking the Rook)

5.) Fresh Bread (As announced)

Under this Rule, a Game cannot end in Stalemate. When a Player is Down to less than three Pieces, that Player returns a Rook to the board in the column of his Opponent’s choosing.

i love chess, i bought a handmade marble chess set when i was in Italy about 6 years ago that looks a bit like this, except mine is more of a ‘rough cut’ marble rather than smooth like the one in this pic, and where each piece is distinct and slightly different from every other:

i also love glass sets, and have this weird fantasy about someday owning a huge collection of very nice glass chess sets, and having an entire room for them, with a couple nice huge velvet highback chairs off to the side where you can pick out a set and play it.

someday, maybe :-" :sunglasses:

oh yeh i definitely intend on having a collection of chess sets. I bought a nice wooden one in croatia a fews back, funky designs, nice colours, nice board, i don’t have a picture unfortunately.

That marble one you posted is quite attractive. I had a quite expensive glass set about five years ago, but my ex-girlfriend stole it, so now I just have a plastic one and a cheap glass one.

yeah, i love the white and blue marble, its a great color combination for a chess set.

I love chess, but I’m a bit of a purist when it comes to sets. The carved chinese etc. sets are pretty, but I couldn’t play with them. I need the classic shapes of the pieces to visualize the ‘lines of threat’ on the board without thinking to hard. If I play with weird shaped pieces, I miss a lot.

That ceramic one of ThreeTimes is nice - though for some reason they’ve reversed the knight and the rook in the top left corner.

i hadnt noticed that… plus it looks like queens and kings are in the wrong places, as well. probably the person just put it together hastily to snap a few pics for ebay.

I definitely do that with chess sets that are too far out of the ordinary.

I love the board of the one TTG posted but i don’t know about the pieces…they’re too clean and round. I have nightmares about objects which are too clean and round. Nauseating.

anyone that likes to play online can challenge me to a game of chess or look at it as me challenging you! :smiley:

i’ll play you on icc and/or fics. i usually play lightning but i am willing to play blitz or standard as well as any variants- fischer random/bughouse/wild/suicide/crazyhouse/atomic

any challengers feel free to pm me

ill take you up on that, maybe next week. ill PM you to let you know, and you can let me know which website you use.

great…ill be here :slight_smile: i usually use fics btw