Chess sets

what is fics?

fics is free internet chess server at imo its better than icc which is pretty much the same as fics except its not free. at fics you can play pretty much any kind of chess with pretty high rated players (me, myself, being one of them)
some practice for tournaments and some play for leisure. and there’s also a chat there for most subjects. think of it as a chess community. i’ve been there for about 10 years so i can tell you everything you need to know to get started. and i can help you out with any interfaces. i would suggest babaschess which pretty much everyone likes. i personally prefer and use gnu chess, a much older interface because that’s what i started out with and im used to it. but its all based on your preference. generally speaking babaschess is liked very much by first time users- its very user friendly, customizable and just all around looks great! you’ll need to get started by downloading an interface and you’re ready to go. if you want your own handle (so you can play rated games) go to to register for free and if you just want to play as a guest simply go to for the interface. you may want to practice against some people to get a feel for the way users play on there before you play me- but it doesnt matter- let me know whenever you’re ready or any help you may need :slight_smile: the server is also hack-proof so you will never have to worry about a prog or cheaters. you can set your own time control and/or increment- most people play lightning (1 to 2 minute games) or blitz (3 to 5 minute games) specifically because it pretty much eliminates the chance of people using a computer program to help them with their moves. i usually only play one minute games but every now and then i play a 3 minute game just to keep my mind out of lightning mode. but generally speaking your lightning rating will be either the same or a tad bit lower than your standard rating because you have more time to think during standard games but more or less if your standard rating is 2000 then your lightning rating will probably be somewhere around 2000 as well. i’d say 80 percent of the people on fics are lightning junkies doing about 75 moves a minute but i dont have a problem playing a standard game with you, im not worried too much about someone using the computer because i can beat the computer anyway but its just the fact that it takes so much longer than a lightning or blitz game. also most times you come to find out that the moves you would have made in a 60 minute game are pretty much the same as the moves in your one minute game. in other words the lighting and blitz games are very accurate to say the least.

if you need any help whatsoever let me know…see ya on the board :wink: