Anyone heard of this?

An increasing number of people world wide are looking for an effective method of increasing health to assist them through an effortless aerobic exercise and usual beneficial weight loss. The chi machines deliver what has been called a “passive aerobic” experience. Chi machines do this by gently moving your entire body side to side, relieving stressful tension and increasing breathing and whole body oxygenation in the process.

Studies have found that in 15 minutes of CHI exercise your body is oxygenated the same amount as walking one and a half miles. You receive all the amazing benefits while relaxing and absorbing the relaxing yet stimulating sensation. The passive aerobic exerciser is used while reclining so there is no weight bearing on your muscles, and no pressure on skeletal structures so it will not exacerbate any pre-existing injuries, while keeping the spinal column limber. Effects Experienced From The Chi Flow Machine

Spinal Influence on Health
The Chi Flow Machine exercises the spine. The spine is the central control for the autonomic nervous system and the parasympathetic nervous system that is responsible for the body’s nerve functioning. The Chi Flow Machine acts to remove any impairment that will cause the blockage of Chi in the body.

Utilization of Full Spinal Movement
The Chi Flow Machine design permits lateral “snakelike” movement that serves to relieve vertebrae joint pressure and thereby promote greater “well being”. Modern man fails to exercise this design feature, part of the reason being that stress of the mind creates body tension and rigidity. Spinal movement has been reduced to a forward and upright torso momentum, lateral movement is restrained by body tensions.

Lymphatic Fluids Influence On Health
The Chi Flow Machine effectively moves the body’s Lymph fluids and aids the Lymphatic system, especially for those who are physically challenged or do not get sufficient exercise. Such cleansing may cause bad breath and also thirst, water cleanses and aides in lymph cleansing, so drink plenty of “pure quality” water to hasten the cleansing of the bodies lymph system and remove toxins.

Oxygenating The Body
The Chi Machine (Qi Flow) has the ability to oxygenate, tone and strengthen the body increases the feelings of aliveness well-being – that is, raises the chi or life force – in the bodies of those who use the machine on a daily basis. Chi, Qi, or Prana is the Chinese word which refers to the life force or life energy.

I want one. So after you send Benny his Nano accessories for Chanukah, you can all chip in and send me one of these. :smiley:

I also want one, and I’ve got a birthday coming up…

Who are you kidding? You get enough of a workout with that godawful Xeno avatar. :laughing:

That isn’t me!!!

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I’m tall and well built which means I have back problems. It also runs in the family. I am going for a walk this afternoon.

No… I’m tall. Though… sort of skinny in the wirey way.

I dunno… the thing seems cool, but I might have to pull the skeptic card on some of those points.

Yeah, it should be called The Robbery Machine.

What does that mean?? Am I missing something?

I’m looking at it from the angle that there is no such thing as chi and from the point that the machine looks a bit crappy. They are trying to take your money.

Sometimes I am so thick, Yea, it looks like it - but wouldn’t it be great?

Yeah, if the concept were true it would be just great.

When I first started working out it was about 20 years ago and it was fairly the beginning of established gyms in my community and I think around the country. Anyway, there was one company that had devices that you sit in and they move you. The concept was to have a passive workout instead of the hands-on variety. It didn’t work and they went out of business.

At the time I was 18 and looking to join a gym. I went in that place and got scared by all of the horrified looking women (all women) being jerked around by these devices. It was a lasting memory.