What’s something you miss from your childhood? A picture is fine, or just talking about it. Even an activity you miss.

Personally, I miss soccer. It’s been a long time since I played on a team but I played for a good 8 years or so before high school, and I wish I still did. Greatest sport ever.

I miss what Christmas mornings used to feel like, from the ages of five to about ten.

The freedom of flight…

A bit ambiguous, Kebop. Might I ask for elaboration?

Lucid Dreaming (same as Kebop, I think)

A fruity multiflavored and colored popcicle called Bullet. Mud fights on a hot summer day. Daring to Giggle and talk behind the teacher’s back.

Oh hell the list goes on but, I get to relive them when I choose, Thank goodness for a vivid memory and imagination. I really look forward to new things to enhance the old.