chinese control on 25% of world oil supply! whats your take?

implications ?
trade imbalance ?
price of oil ?
investment towards alternates ?
consumerism ?
industry booms ? which ?
affects to the eurozone, usa ?
currency-peg/games by the chinese ?
devaluation of major currencies ?
rest of the emerging markets ? world ?
politics ?
anythin else i’ve missed ?

…so what’s YOUR take on this ?

hey, did you mean to put this in the creative writing forum?

Hay, if he brings up that kind of argument, then it
belongs in creative fiction.


check out the joined date.

Judging from ‘stoney69’ I’d say he did. It rhymes if you look at it the right way.I write stuff like this on my notepad in class and stuff… I’d say it’s creative with a political twist. Right up Pete’s Alley :wink:

Old_Gobbo: Pete’s Alley :wink:

K: I am almost tempted to adapt “Pete’s Alley” as my new
name. Let see, Peter Kropotkin or Pete’s Alley, UMMMMM
Still thinking. I’l get back to you about this, UMMMMMMMMM

Kropotkin (Pete’s Alley)


Why do you like it so much? I feel like I’m missing a dual meaning.


This type of inanity in no way belongs in this forum. It’s not so much that it is moronic (it is) but that it doesn’t make the least effort to be creative or interesting. I am angry to have wasted my time reading, so angry in fact that I am now wasting more time venting my anger. If you defend this as creative you have no intelligence, no taste and no soul.

gobbo, I don’t know why, I like “Pete’s alley” I just do.
Call it a personal quark.








Intelligence and soul… I’ll give you that one.

But com’n! I have taste dammit :laughing:

Alfonso Rayscilliano III’s mean intensity is for naught. don’t get me wrong alfonso, i like what you submit etc, but do you have to tell people they’re souless because of a ten line current event poem? you know what i mean?

I was a little harsh…apologies. It was an intense week; I was looking for some solace in creative writing and that’s what I found…you understand.