Christianity and Capitalism

Turd or Contra-Nietzsche, It is not possible here to give you all the informations I have, because the extent is too big for you. And I am sure that you have studied nothing - except turdology. I just provide you some maps, because you have not even a tiny idea of the geography facts of the European history:

Before the conquests.
Source: … ire_period .

They all were Germanic tribes - except the Huns.
Source: .

Source: .

[size=109]Look also for Benedict of Nursia:[/size] .

You have to consider the history of the Germanic peoples and of the Christianity in order to understand the Occidental culture - religiously the Roman Catholic and Protestantic Europe, geographically the Central, West, North, Northwest, South, Southwest, and some parts of the East of Europe.

I guess that you were even not born when I finished my study of history at the university. :sunglasses:

And stop making dick jokes here, Turd.

I am not interested in your dick jokes.